Just Breathe

When we drove from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay yesterday, we stopped at this little cove to take a few photos and enjoy the quietness there.   With so many people out enjoying the day, I am sometimes surprised when we find a spot that is so quiet.   There is a coffee shop and a few other businesses, but not a lot of activity as everyone seems to just sit and soak up the fresh salt air.   I love it.


Anonymous said…
Sometimes in life you really do have to 'look' for those quiet places, and with the passage of the years they seem to become much more important to us than the hubbub of a crowded beach.
How I would love to escape to the beauty and serenity that your pictures show....But instead I have to get to work and fight rush hour traffic for an hour...sigh... :-)) Enjoy your day!!!
Gone Country said…
I love the colors in this photo and the sky is cool!

What a great spot!
I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Looking forward to many more visits.

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