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Colors Galore

Flowers have been bursting with color this Spring.   We had an abundance of rain here on the Central Coast and Mother Nature put on a show for us after many gray days during our Winter season.   I've shared these on social media and thought I'd put some here before I file them away.   As happens every year, the blossoms are fading and leaving behind only memories of how beautiful they are.    Since I've lived here, I've never had such a show of wildflowers on our property.   I've seen a few scattered around in past years but this year I had my own garden.   I've read that our wildflowers depend not only on the amount of rain but also when the rains begin, how long they last, and I suppose other factors.   This year those factors all came together just right.    See the little dog?   We got him from a shelter a few weeks ago.   His name is Oscar and we just love him.   He has added a lot of energy and joy to our home.    I have

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