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Flowing Into Autumn

 If you've read my blog in the past years, you know Autumn is my favorite season.   My blog used to be called Autumn Sky Ranch and it may go back to that at some point.   The best thing about Autumn so far this year is that we had rain in September!   It's almost unheard of for us to spend time on a September day with the door and windows open, listening to the rain.   It was wonderful.    The worst thing about the rain, if there is one?   Muddy dog feet.   We have two dogs and they love to go out on the property to hunt for ground squirrels, digging up the huge holes to find the invasive rodents.   Dirt is a fact of life with inside/outside dogs, but we love them so much and find so much to smile about when we watch their joy. Autumn also brings an opportunity to once again turn on the oven without concern about it heating up the house.   Thoughts of pumpkin bread stir in my brain. Warm delicious soups sound like a perfect menu item. And while I'm having those thoughts, I

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