Ain't No Sunshine

Wow, we are having heavy fog again.   It's that time of year in California.   It's hard to warm up when there is no sunshine.   Yesterday it lifted around 11:30 so I went out to the barn.   Beau hadn't been ridden in about 5 days so it was my trainer's day to work him.   I tacked him up and got my camera while I watched. He was so good.   Today is my day to ride, but the fog is even heavier out there.   So we'll see what time it lifts and whether I want to ride if/when it does.   

Here's my handsome Beau with his trainer.

And here's her Jack-Rat soaking up the sunshine on his cute little face.   I LOVE this little dog of hers.   He is cute and smart and fun.

And his belly is just full of spots.   He sits like this a lot so his parents refer to him as Bubba when he does. I think he just needs a little can of beer and a remote control.    Hey, someone bring me the remote so I can change the channel.   Who was watching "Say Yes to the Dress" anyway?    (I should add, his name isn't really Bubba, it's Kodi)

It's always fun at the barn.


TexWisGirl said…
gorgeous horse and yes, adorable sun-loving pup. :)
Anonymous said…
Love that Bubba! Sometimes I sit like that too. LOL
E.liza"BETH" said…
love the doggie. so cute ... just loving the sun & posing for the picture. (:
I love Bubba too..what a sweetheart. Look at that tummy LOL! Beau is gorgeous...I hope you do many more posts with lots of pictures of him as I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see more. Hope your fog lifted and you were able to ride!
Maura :)
beth said…
what a great pose !!

and no sunshine here today at all....i have literally had my lamps on all day :(
Ummm, Bubba seems to fit, doesn't it? -LOL-
He's a cutie pie. Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; your comment is welcome and thank you.
Kerri Farley said…
I think I'm in love with Bubba!
I think Annie wants to come hang in Cali! And Kodi is awesome-handsome! Love his shadow!
Your pic in the below post is just gorgeous :)
xo, misha
Ellen said…
Beau is a true beauty. And Bubba, he's just plain hilarious! Two fantastic members of the animal kingdom.
Nancy said…
Love that horse! Beautiful!

And those spots on Kodi's belly -- you just wanna scratch them! :)
Anonymous said…
Funny pup! His belly looks like mine. ha!
Reena said…
Bubba is a hoot! And your horse is just gorgeous!

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