Cold Mornings

After last week's high winds, we are in a weather pattern which is colder.   The nights are getting into the 20's which is cold by our standards.   The days are sunny and in the 50's to low 60's.   This means frost on the ground when we go out in the morning to take care of the critters.   Yesterday I put on my fingerless gloves and took a few photos before I had to come back in.   I'm not quite ready for cold toes and fingers.

We have one small tree getting ready to lose the last of its leaves.  

My sister wanted to see these little calves in the daylight.   It's not easy to get good photos of black calves in the distance.   This one stood and stared at me the entire time I was staring at him.   Cattle are kind of like that, aren't they?   Staring a lot.

And the Magpies were lined up plotting their strategy for eating the chicken feed.   Not that it takes much of a strategy.   They are quite successful in getting as much as they want:-(

I am going to wait a little longer to take photos this morning.   It's colder than yesterday and the frost is a little thicker.   I need insulated muck boots if I'm going to stay out a while.   

The dogs are going to the groomer today, the Forty-Niners are playing (a big deal in our house), I have to go to the feed store, I am making meatloaf for Sunday dinner, and we have pie!    What are you doing today?


cooking & baking for our sunday dinner. i love trying new recipes. i hope they all turn out well. the cooler temps around here have been keeping things interesting. having to go out in the lower 20s ... when just a week or 2 ago it was in the 70s in the afternoons. what a change. so chilly. (:
Anonymous said…
That poor little tree looks like it's saying, 'brrr!' The calves are so cute... Angus?? Cows are curious creatures... and as to black, shooting a good shot of anything all white or all black is a challenge to get details... I'm off to Fred Meyer early (0730) to do Christmas shopping without crowds and then to the fabric store for yarn and knitting needles, lastly the Seahawks played and won Thursday night (day late and dollar short again this season...) and supper, well that's a long time from now... Have a good day Denise, keep your toes warm!
TexWisGirl said…
the calves are cute! stay warm!
Anonymous said…
Well, I dilly dally'd most of this morning although I did make us a nice skillet mix breakfast at David's request. I have no plan for the day.. but that's par for the course with me. Enjoy your day and that pie!!
Lore said…
That calf was staring at you thinking, "So, take the picture, why don't you?"

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