Everyone Knows It's Windy

I really liked that song when I was young.   If you're still young, you won't know it.   

The Association

You probably all know that California is having very high winds the past 2 days.   We've had up to 60mph wind gusts,  and for some reason wind makes me very tired.   But the chickens are tucked in, the donkeys have their shelter, the dogs are watching football to see how Seattle looks since they are going to play the Niners this weekend.   LOL!   Maybe they're not actually watching, but their papa is.

I thought of a photo that has to do with the wind, keeping with the theme here.   This hawk was circling around overhead last weekend and I had my camera outside.   I was able to get a fairly clear photo with the sun shining through his red tail.   Think calm skies tomorrow.   


TexWisGirl said…
a couple of bloggers mentioned the wind, but until i saw it on the national news tonight, i didn't know the extent of the damage! yikes!
Comfypjs said…
Wow that's a fabulous photo!
E.liza"BETH" said…
the damage i saw on the news was just terrible. scary. i wish i could fly. beautiful. (:
I thought of you when I saw the news!
Hope your place is OK!

Hawk is gorgeous. We have many around here and I love to watch them sail...
xo, misha
CountryDew said…
Great shot. Glad you survived the Santa Anna's.
Lore said…
Marvelous shot!
AWESOME hawk shot!!!... I haven't managed this yet.

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