Friday Evening

It was a very good day.   The winds died down last night, thankfully.   We didn't get the 100mph winds they had down south of here, but 50-60mph gusts are more than enough, thank you very much.   The nights have turned cold, into the upper 20's.   But we had bright sunshine all day and it was perfect for a ride on my horse, Beau.   I had been struggling with him for a while.   He had been too strong and it wasn't feeling like fun.   So my trainer suggested we change his feed about 10 days ago.   And that has made all the difference.   Horses are very sensitive to certain grains.   Some can tolerate a particular mix and the one next to it cannot.   So when a horse gets that "too hot" or "too strong" feel when you're riding, the first place to turn is their feed.   Beau is back on alfalfa pellets in addition to his regular hay and alfalfa.   This week he was so much easier to ride, listening and more focused on me.   And I end the ride with a smile on my face instead of frustration.   And that's how it's supposed to me, just me and my Beau having an enjoyable time together.

Our neighbors have Black Angus cattle.   They breed twice a year, I think.  These are two of the latest babies.   I have always enjoyed the end of the day when I can see the cattle down by the oak trees on their property, with the sun setting in the distance.   I wish there were not two fences in that way that always make it into the foreground of my photos.   But I am NOT climbing over barbed wire to get the shot.   So here's my Friday evening view.

I hope you had a nice day too.   It's the weekend!


TexWisGirl said…
we have some little calves next to us too. :) glad your winds have gone on by!
Anonymous said…
Sweet babies, and WOW, that golden sky!
Unknown said…
Wow, what a peaceful view.
Nancy said…
Calving is usually in January or February here -- seems weird to schedule it for the coldest months, but what do I know?

Lovely shot, Denise. Cattle and fences just go together... :)
Gorgeous little babes!
Every time we have a huge weather change with pressure drop-Cadence colic's!

Glad your wind is gone!
Great weekend to you :)
xoo, misha
Anonymous said…
Awww. take another photo in the daylight so these old eyes can see those babies. Love the sunset color!
Reena said…
Wonderful sunset with those babies.
Lore said…
I bet you have beautiful country in which to ride your Beau.

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