My Cove

I want to claim a cove as my own.   I realize I can't legally do that, but I just love this particular spot.   I may meander a little in this post but that's how I spent the drive yesterday....just meandering towards my cove.   I started by driving to Morro Bay and decided against stopping by The Rock for the same views.   Instead I headed south toward Los Osos.    Between the two places is a large estuary which of course is very well protected.   Driving along Highway 1, you can see the estuary but there is not a single place to pull out and take photos.   If you Google the Morro Bay Estuary, you can probably find professional photos of the area.

Since I couldn't stop by the estuary,  I drove on to Los Osos and stopped at Baywood Park.   There is a small cove, a coffee shop with melt-in-your-mouth croissants.   Big warm croissants.   Oh my, it was so good.   I went heavy on the carbs yesterday, yes I did.    So where was I?   Oh yes, there is a coffee shop and a small inn facing the water.   The inn has a lovely garden which is another reason I want this cove to be mine.   But I want someone else to take care of the garden so it stays as lovely as it is right now.   The cove is protected so the water just gently laps against the shore.   And it is crystal clear.    Ahhhhhh.   You can get a cup of coffee (and maybe a croissant) and just sit with the quiet.    

And take a few photos, or perhaps 200 photos.

This is my dream cove.

I may have to share it with a few hundred feathered friends, but that's okay.   Can you see them?

It's least in my photos.   


Unknown said…
And what a great cove it is. Just beautiful. That photo is the polor opposite of what I've been looking at from the tug here in Texas. Ugh
Stunning environment...true beauty.

great photos. my most favorite is the last photo. is that a type of queen anne's lace? so pretty. you have great scenery to view. look on. (:
Lynne said…
Beautiful cove . . . I can see why you have claimed it . . . and the tiny birds . . . many, many of them and they seem to be enjoying their feed.

You find some lovely vistas for us to see . . . the blue of the water is wonderful . . .

Thanks for bringing me/us along . . .
Anonymous said…
Lovely view... almost summery!
Betty Manousos said…
stunning photos and scenery!
i can almost feel the tranquility pouring out of those pictures.

also, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

have a great day!
Reena said…
Oh, yes, I would claim that cove as well ... and share only with the feathered friends!
Nancy said…
What a beautiful area in which to live. I can see why you love the cove! My son is in LA and is encouraging me to visit. It would be wonderful to see countryside so different from the east coast.
Nancy said…
Looks as though you had the cove all to yourself Denise -- which is amazing and special. The last shot with the flowers is so pretty. :)
penny said…
Stunning shots, Denise. With all that beauty its hard to believe those inviting chairs are empty.
kamana said…
th last photo is really beautiful.

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