It rained and the wind blew last night.   And so it is a restful morning, clean and fresh outside.   The chickens are having a great time, the donkeys are not.   Donkeys don't like to get wet and they have no dry spot for their dirt baths and lingering naps.   It's a tradeoff if they want the grass to grow.   The rains will bring all the brown back to green.    And we look forward to that.   Enjoy your Saturday:-)


Anonymous said…
Poor donks. :-(
Country Girl said…
Enjoy your weather. It's cold here back East!!
Can I step into your world for just a day or two?
Rain here too in Virginia after a little bit of snow--I'm finding I don't like the rain either, but try not to 'be a donkey' and complain about it when it's so needed elsewhere! :-)) I hope you're having a good weekend!!!
Unknown said…
No housing for the donkeys? There's so much I don't know.
islandwonder said…
I did not know chickens like rain. Interesting!

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