It's Simon

Our wild bunny, Simon, is still here.   I don't remember when we first spotted him as a baby last Spring, but he's been around here about a year.   We have enjoyed him so much and worry when we don't see him for several days.   

Last night I went out to lock the chickens in their coop, but first stopped to take a photo (or two) of the pretty sky with low clouds over the hills.

I put the lens cap back on, said Hi to the donkeys who were watching me, then turned and saw Simon sitting about 5 feet from me.   He will often run into a bush when he is startled, but he just sat there and let me take photos of him.   After deciding it was all okay, he turned around and started munching on some weeds.   I was pretty happy I hadn't pulled that particular weed when we were out earlier:-)

We just love having this little guy around.   I don't know why he (she?) hasn't gone out into the world to find a mate but we aren't complaining.   As long as we don't have a garden, it's good to have a bunny in the barnyard.


Daryl said…
what a sweetie .. a low maintenance 'pet'
Rain said…
oh such an adorable little wild thing!! perfect day!
Anonymous said…
Funny that he has stuck around so long... he must feel very safe in your yard for some reason, or perhaps the weeds are simply sweeter in your yard. :-)
Unknown said…
Awwwww, nice little guest you have there.
awww..what a cutie pie! We have lots of bunnies around our place but have never been fortunate enough to get close enough or long enough for photos! Lucky you. I think they are so adorable. :)
Lore said…
They are fun to watch. Simon looks nice and healthy - you must have pretty good chow around your place.
It all starts with one! THe family will be appearing before you know it!...:)JP
penny said…
Simon is a real cutie.. nice shots Denise.
We had a mommy rabbit in our backyard a few years ago and enjoyed watching her and her baby bunnies play hide-n-seek in the bushes, and eat one particular weed so we stopped pulling it.
Pam :)
Ellen said…
Well hello little adorable Simon! Enjoy your treats!

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