Where's My Camera?

I need to get out and take some new photos!   I have had a couple weeks of doing other things and my camera could be gathering dust.   I thought today might work, but the farrier called last night and is coming this morning to do trims on Harry and Gunny.   THAT is always a rodeo:-)   I hope he brings his assistant this time so I don't have to do the "holding on" part of the work.   They are small but strong.   And being tall myself, it involves reaching down.   They might stand nicely for a while, then suddenly decide they've had enough.   So we'll see how it goes.   Right now, they are calling for breakfast.   

I might be able to take off after the donks are done.  I will leave you with this photo I took a while back because I just think prickly pear are very interesting and photographic.

Have a nice Friday!!


TexWisGirl said…
oh, hope all went well for you!
Hope the kids were good for you and the farrier! Our Allegra extends her Princess status to farrier visits as well! She is always the pickle that day :( Annie is the peach! Go figure!
Have fab weekend!
xo, misha
With a picture like that, your day must have gone well!..:)JP
Anonymous said…
Beautiful... I especially like your header where the cacti have that purple tinge! Good luck at the 'rodeo!'
Thankfully, I never had to be on the holding end when it came time for the farrier. Hubby always handles that chore, which is a good thing cuz I'm only 5'2" tall and there might have been a rodeo for sure ;)
Our horses are getting old now so they aren't as 'active' as they used to be.
Hope all went well.
Hilary said…
They sure are lovely and like Madge said, the purple in the header photo is wonderful. I hope all went well.
Nancy said…
I love cactus. This is a great shot, Denise.

Hope everything went okay. :)
CountryDew said…
Good luck with your animals.

Lovely shot!
Daryl said…
I hope you didnt end up being the 'holder'

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