Horses R Us

It has been a difficult couple of days dealing with the logistics of getting the new horses out here....or deciding to leave one there.   Without going into all the details of every phone call, every Email, every Facebook message....Lucas is going to live at a rescue in New York instead of coming home to us.   He is very young, only 4, and has been showing signs of stress.   I get a strong sense of the "right thing to do" and I just felt the long trip out here was not the right thing for him.   

Fortunately, I have "met" some incredible ladies on Facebook who work so hard to rescue horses in need.   Lucas is going to live with a lady named Monica who has the first Luke that I helped bail out of the kill broker's lot.   We are making the arrangements and he should be moving there this Sunday, April 1.   I feel so good about this chance for him.   He will get plenty to eat, live in a herd with other horses, eat lots of green grass, and go into a nice stall at night.   Basically, just be a horse.   And what's better than that?   It's perfect!

This is the link to Monica's rescue.   Hers is one of so many, people working on limited funds and donations to take care of precious animals.   We all know people in our blogging community who do the same thing for dogs.   It is an admirable thing to do.   

We all have causes we care about.   If you would like to help Monica with hers, I know she and the horses would appreciate it.   If this is not your cause, please just send good thoughts her way for the sake of these animals she rescues.


Anonymous said…
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Nancy said…
A difficult, yet admirable decision, Denise. :)

Have a lovely weekend, dear.
Gone Country said…
I believe you made the right decision even though it was a difficult one to make. I hope the new owner will update you periodically on his progress.

I have a huge heart (but small pocketbook) for any animal that needs rescuing and I admire those who are able to help them.
Anonymous said…
A difficult decision to make for you, but we human's sometimes forget in our selfishness that it's about the animal and not about what we want.

You did the right thing.
fromsophiesview said…
This is so great to hear...and YES you made the right decision...Lucas will have a good life!!
Ellen said…
Well I agree, you made the right decision and I think Lucas will thrive. It would be just too much for him to come all the way out to you. I think you are all very special people. Blessings to you!
I agree with the other comments. You have made the best and hardest choice, I admire you for that!
Daryl said…
you are a mensch

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