Alas, My Crabapples

In the past, I have taken many many photos of the beautiful blossoms on my crabapple tree.   They start as little pink buds, open up, and eventually turn white.   The weather was cruel to me this year.   I have only a few blossoms on my tree and it has simply spoiled my April photography fun.   Maybe next year.   *sigh*


Hi Denise,
You are very lucky to have a crabbapple tree.
They dont grow in Portugal.
Their flower is beautiful , and you have captured these flowers so well.
How beautiful is nature ..
Have a good Friday
Daryl said…
those little yellow stamen remind me of little hands open wide reaching for the sun
Gone Country said…
I'm sorry you only have a few blossoms this year. The weather has been crazy everywhere!

But, I've sure been enjoying everyone's crab apple photos! We don't have them around here.
Anonymous said…
Between the dogs and the deer we no longer have an apple tree... they all stripped the bark and it just keeled over. Poor thing.

Maybe next year your blossoms will do better.. you can hope.
Betty Manousos said…
sorry you only have a few blossoms this year, but i really enjoyed your photo.

happy weekend!
Nancy C said…
I suppose some is better than none? I hope you get some fruit as well. :)

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