Just Feelin' Groovy or Snoozy

This week has been about two things - my new horse and my ALLERGIES!   I absolutely love being outside and enjoying nice weather.   But this week - WHAM! - allergy season struck with a vengeance.   Not only has the tree pollen hit hard, but we have winds that just like to throw it around in our faces.   And so, I am either feelin' groovy spending time with Cooper or I am feelin' snoozy because of my allergies and a Benadryl hangover.   I take Allegra during the day but when the season gets bad like this, I have to add a Benadryl at night.   I would rather not.

Last night the weather changed and we have some late Spring rain.   It has really helped clear out the air and lower the pollen count, but the forecast says it will likely be back tomorrow.   And so I am one of the many many sufferers who have a love/hate relationship with Spring.   *sigh*

This morning I went over to my friend's barn and just as I arrived, the light rains started again.   We pulled up a couple chairs and sat in the empty stall/turnout with all four horses in theirs.   They relaxed and took horse naps while we talked for about 2 hours and drank our Starbucks.   It was delightful.   If you are a horse lover, you know the feeling of sitting in the barn and just hanging out with your animals.     You know the old saying, "Were you born in a barn?"   No, but I could have been and I would probably have been very happy!

I went to Trader Joe's for a few groceries, came home and had lunch, then ZZZZZZZ.....the Benadryl hangover hit me again and I took a nap.   What's a girl to do?   Just keep taking all my allergy meds until this season passes.   

This photo is from last week at Morro Bay.   It was also a very blustery day and I enjoyed being out in it.   But then, they don't have pollen at the coast.   So I was just feelin' groovy.


Anonymous said…
Nice framed picture of the ocean. Did you use Picmonkey.com?? Just curious.
Anonymous said…
Great pictures, love your blog cover photo! Christina
Judy said…
What a beautiful photo, I love the seagull on the rock.
Lore said…
Used to be in a fog almost all summer and fall from my allergies. I use Nasonex spray now, and no more fog. Have to have a prescription for it, though. Love these photos.

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