Just a Short List

I don't usually spend time on my blog discussing things that I find annoying.   So I think you can indulge me, just this once.   It's a short list.

1.   When you enter or leave a store, get in your car/truck and GO!   Don't stand around in the parking lot having a chat session with your friends.   Don't let your children wander around the parking lot.   Just get in and leave.   You are creating chaos in the parking lot for others.

2.   On the subject of stores, you do not have the right to steal a shopping cart and take it home for your personal use.   Really, it's theft.   I don't understand why people think it's there for the taking.

3.   Learn how to pronounce words that you are going to use often, especially if you are the president (Bush).  NUCLEAR is not NUCULAR.   Others in the media, please take note of this.   

4.   Okay, I might upset some bloggers with this one.   I am going to toss it out there anyway.   I would like to see more attention paid to the difference between "its and it's" when being used several times in a post or Email.   My grandma was a teacher.   I notice these things along with spelling errors.   I am by no means perfect but we should all try a little harder when we are putting our writing out there for everyone to read.

5.   The last one of the day because I want to move on to more positive things.   This is for wait staff, store employees and others in service related jobs.   If someone says "Thank you" when you've done something for them, please say "You're Welcome" or "My Pleasure" rather than "No Problem."   No Problem????   When did that become a polite response?    It's not.   End of subject.

Okay, that's it.   My one and only list of annoyances.   

Next post will have nothing to do with snakes or pet peeves.

And please feel free to let me know if this post contains spelling and/or grammatical errors:-)


Anonymous said…
Facebook makes some annoying changes on our typing. Thinks it knows best, but most of the time I don't want them changing my words because I like the things I say even if they are wrong. We all make typing errors every day. I know I sure do. It's not that I don't know how to spell or which version of it's or its is the correct one, I just get in a hurry. But, you're right... some errors are blatant and annoying to the reader... oh well... so shoot me. LOL
Snooks said…
No didn't notice any errors. I too have list of my own peeves. Those things big or small that just erk me. Yes it does feel good to air them once in awhile.

@ 3Beeze Homestead
Lynne said…
I liked this, not offensive . . . "sounding out" is a good thing.

I can be phobic about grammar and incorrect spelling. On some blogs, when I comment, it will, lock, change, goof me up. I get so frustrated I want to scream. It happens less on my lap top . . . but because I use my iPad mostly for reading/commenting I am confronted with this little bug in space. I give it three-four tries of goofing me up, starting over to write something. Then I quit . . . so, if I mess up in comments to you, let me know.

Fortunately yours seems to work well with my iPad . . ., or would that be, "works good?"
This N That said…
I think the texting thing has made people much more sloppy about grammar, punctuation and stuff.We get in to bad habits.. I don't text but when I leave comments , I shorten the sentence by leaving out I, you, etc..
LOL... oooh Denise.. I think I'd irk you in more ways than one. If I'm being honest... I don't always pay attention to the it's its thing... mostly because of what Di said.. I'm usually in a hurry and forget to check over my spelling. ... and since we live in a rural area, quite often the only time we see some of our neighbors is at the grocery store, sometimes in the parking lot. I would NEVER however, let my children walk about in a parking lot.
Nancy said…
I've been known to air my grievances on my blog -- I think it's good to get these things off your chest.

I'm somewhat of a grammar/spelling geek myself -- went with my previous job. :)
Lin said…
These days, I'm lucky to post a thought--more or less with proper punctuation, spelling or grammar. I try, but you know, some things get missed in the process. Ooops! :)
Anonymous said…
Grrrrammmer... ah yes, a pet peeve! I can't recall getting a 'No Problem,' response from a clerk, but probably have at some point. I always try to thank service employees, working with the public is a daunting task at times ... good post!
Thank you, dear girl, for voicing those complaints. I happen to share most of them, so you've done us both a good thing by venting them.
Anonymous said…
I love to hear you complain because its, oops I mean it's, so rare!! hee hee Love you!

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