Oh Yes They Did!

Saturday morning I had checked my Gmail and had no issues.   An hour or so later, I couldn't get into my account.   It said they had detected unusual activity and essentially shut down my account, which included my blog.   I tried to log back in but there was no way.   The login directed me to a page that said the only way they could give me a verification code would be to provide my mobile phone number so they could either call me or text me.   There were no other options.   They have been asking me for a mobile number for some months and I always decline.   

I went to the Support page and sent a "not so pleasant" message to reinstate my account because I was not providing a phone number.   They have always had a backup Email for me so they could have contacted me that way, but they did not.   And they did not respond ALL DAY to my request to reinstate.   No messages via my other Email.   Was I angry?   Oh yeah, I was!   All my contacts are in Gmail as I have shifted from my EarthLink account over the past couple of years.   I felt as though I was being held hostage for my phone number and that is not okay with me.   In the end, my sweetie offered to let me use his mobile number as it's a business phone and everyone has it anyway.   I plugged in that number and immediately received a verification code for my account.   

Lesson learned.   I get it.   So I am going to gradually go back to my EarthLink for primary Email, back up my contacts, and wean myself away from this service.   I also have an Android phone which is due to be upgraded at the end of May.   You can be sure I will be getting an iPhone instead.   I simply do not appreciate how everything is so integrated to the point of not having a choice.   We should have a choice. It's true, Gmail is a free service and we don't have a voice.   True, they can do whatever they want.   I just choose not to participate.   

Does anyone know what this photo is?   Yes, I was calling names yesterday, definitely a lot worse than Harry's butt would suggest.    Lesson learned and moving forward in another direction.


I sympathise with you Denise. I had the same problem. I have 3 e mail accounts.. find its best.
I gave them my number.. It is an invasion of privacy.. but i wanted to blog and went that road.
I have had no trouble.
Hope you get it all sorted out.

I think that is a donkey showing her " "
the american's use another word. ):
have a good sunday.
Anonymous said…
Good for you! Give 'em holy heck..... and always have a back up e-mail account and a back up plan too!
Anonymous said…
I often use (641) 867-5309 as a number when needed. Let Jenny take the calls. ;)
I'm so glad you got it figured out--If I ever have this problem, I'll call you--Can I have your number? :-))!!
I have had that message several times on blog account. I sent them a message that I did not have a cell phone told them NOT EVERYONE has a cell phone, LOL. Well technically I don't have one it's my daughter's (on her family plan). I guess we could all go get a burn phone long enough to give them a number and then throw it away. Sometimes if you just wait til the next day you can get in ok. Actually I have 2 icons to get into blogs so I can switch to the other one then go to dashboard.

Good luck.
Lin said…
Wow. This is crazy. You are not the only one who is going through this--I have read this account on two other blogs I know as well. I guess it's a matter of time until they get to us all???? Wow. I do not have a gmail account--I wonder if that will apply to me as well? I guess I will find out with due time, eh?

I suggest everyone back up their blogs to their hard drive so they still have their content in case you want to switch down the road.
Country Girl said…
Wow. That's crazy. So sorry this happened to you! Funny photo, too ~
Not so funny what happened, though.
This is nuts! Unusual activity, my *your photo*!! I read about this on Diane's blog earlier this morning, and I immediately backed my blog up to my hard drive. It's a free service, but it's OUR content. Google doesn't care.
Unknown said…
That is awful! I have an hotmail account as I don't want to use my other account for some things.I get this request sometimes to put in a mobile phone number. Haven't done it yet, so I probably be shut out at some point also. That is asking a lot to have to put a phone number in. Also with hotmail if you cancel your acount it takes something like 270 days to shut completely down. We did that once as someone got into it and were sending people requests for money in our contact list! Went to them with our addy. People are such creeps at times!! If this happens (shutting us off because of the phone number thing)You can bet we will be looking else where.
Gone Country said…
I read about your problem on your sister's blog. Unbelievable! Not everyone has a cell phone if Google will believe it or not. I have absolutely NO cell service at my house so what good would it do me? None. Zilch. Nada. But, they still won't get it.

Good luck with switching back. I currently use Yahoo which is free and so far, I've had no issues with them.

Hahaha, I was thinking the other day that I'd like to see some of your donkey pics but I wasn't expecting to see THAT view of them, lol!
Lynne said…
Nothing is private anymore. Thanks for sharing . . . I am glad you held your ground. Off I go, to back up everything to the hard drive . . . Reminds me I need to sync too.
CountryDew said…
Google has gotten bad about stuff of late. They need to back off. I like Gmail but like others on here, we don't text and we don't have cell service in the house.

I am sorry you had this experience.
Nancy said…
I too grow weary of Google's monopoly over my Internet life, but there's just not many other options in my mind. Just don't have the time to go in other directions right now. Good for you -- I hope the transition goes smoothly. :)
Hilary said…
Ugh. Google used to be such a fun experience. They've become one of the BIG names now. They've sold out. I'm sorry this happened to you.
Unknown said…
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