Song for the Day

I'm trying to keep this in my head because it's going to be in the 90's again today with wind gust advisories.   It's Summer!!    Sing it, Rascals.


Tracy said…
love that song...when I went to church camp as a little girl, that song played over the loud speaker to wake us up...not quite 90's here but mid 80's but I'm loving it-hitting the golf course today!
Great song to start your day Denise.
Here in Portugal its 5pm.. so i will enjoy for the end of the day.. great song..
Happy days
Daryl said…
I've been in an oldies mood since I downloaded Rita Wilson's AM/FM
Anonymous said…
Daryl suggested Rita Wilson't CD to me so I listened to in online today.... there were a couple of tunes I liked her rendition. I love your video today!
Oldies are THE BEST...they will always be...:)JP
Boy that brings back a lot of memories--Mostly good!! THANKS for reminding me of them!! Enjoy your evening!!

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