Stop The Truck

We all have our usual roads we drive.   That is, except for those who don't drive.   Still, the point is we have routine routes and often pass along those routes without taking notice.   Many of the roads I drive are  outside of town, usually two lane, often winding, and lacking a place to pull over safely.   I've done it.   I have shown you photos that I've taken during a quick stop on the side of the road, hoping nobody drives by until I'm finished.   That's what I did today, although this road has much better visibility and some places to pull over next to a vineyard fence.  A particular spot can look so very different with the changing seasons.   It may not be photo worthy one week, then the next week you see it and think, "Wow, I need to take a photo!"  

 I didn't have my Nikon with me today because I was driving to meet the farrier at my friend's house.   HOWEVER, I keep my smaller Canon in my purse and hope the battery is charged when I need it.  The hard part of using such a small camera is I really can't see the composition of my photo very well in the bright sunlight.   And standing on the road very long is not a good idea, so I just do the best I can.   The colors were so pretty with the blue sky beyond the vineyard.   I must stop again and hopefully take more time, certainly before the vista changes as we move into the heat of Summer.  


TexWisGirl said…
that 2nd shot is perfect. :)
Snooks said…
Great shots!! Don't see how you could improve on it. It is beautiful.

@ 3Beeze Homestead
Unknown said…
Wow, that little camera sure packs a punch. Beautiful...beautiful.
I agree Denise.
We often dont realise that what we see could be a good photo. Then when we pass again.. wow..there it is a real good shot.
The photos are so beautiful. You really live in a lovely part of America. Your little camera worked wonders.
Happy wedensday
Daryl said…
pretty .. I used to carry a pocket sized Olympus (and a spare battery) but since it started being wonky I use the iPhone... cant zoom but otherwise I am happy .. these are great and it will be fun to see these same/similar images as the summer progresses
Beautiful! (I carry a little Canon in my purse, too.)
Anonymous said…
I use my pocket sized Canon camera ALL the time just because it's convenient.
CountryDew said…
Lovely shots. I used a pocket-sized Nikon at graduation - it did much better than I expected (mostly because I had dropped it some time before and it no longer seemed to work properly). Little cameras can be hard to beat!
Lore said…
Love every one of the shots. Wish I could make my Canon work like yours.
Gorgeous! And the shape of that poor tree...mercy! You did a great job.
Reena said…
Love that 2nd shot!

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