Trees and Vines

This is what a lot of our land looks like here on the Central Coast.   Hills, open spaces, scattered oak trees, and vineyards.   It isn't the same beauty as the lush forests and mountains you see in other parts of the country, but it has a simplicity that I think is very peaceful and striking.


TexWisGirl said…
that is a fabulous scene!
Laurrie said…
It almost looks staged, or artificial, it is so perfectly and serenely composed. How wonderful that it is the natural sight you see all around you.
Beautiful! What is awe inspiring is the diversity and beauty and differences of the states... your weather is to be envied!...
Christina said…
I love that tree! Is that an apple orchard in the backgrounds?
Lynne said…
I love to see "the beauty" wherever/whenever!
Wow Denise, What fantastic scenery and beautiful photo of your land.
It reminds me of my area. I can imagine that you have very much the same climate as we do..
living in the country is wonderful
have a happy Thursday
Daryl said…
great shot .. love the contrast of the lone tree and the vineyard

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