I Have Hats

I know most of you have noticed that my sister posts photos of herself in many situations, in many different looks, in vehicles, on her deck, etc.   And I never post photos of myself.   I just don't take the time to set up the camera, tripod, and participate in my own photos.   The Photo Booth on my Mac is about as good as it gets for me.   I was trying on my different hats for some reason.   Who knows why? It doesn't matter and no one cares anyway.   I like this black hat.   With the fair beginning today, there are always soooo many hats to try.   I don't really need a new one but I bet I'm going to find one I like as much as, or more than, this one.


Mark said…
Looking good!
I'd wear hats too but my head's too fat.
Nancy said…
I love hats as well -- they can really change a person's look and outlook! You look great!
Anonymous said…
Oooh, fun hat! I say get another one for the fair too. I myself can never have enough hats. I want one like Princess Kate has. Maybe this winter I will get it.


It's a BC brand hat.

Lin said…
I don't look good in hats because my hair is short now and I think you need some hair sticking out of your hat or you just look weird.

I think you look very cute in your hat!

I'm with you--I don't post many photos of me either.
Funny, I love a smart looking hat on a person, but they've always looked ridiculous on me.
Daryl said…
I love PhotoBooth ... did you know you can stop that harsh flash? I now need to remember what keys you hold down ... I will remembe, then I'll tell you .. if I remember to tell you, that is
Anonymous said…
Me too, love hats! You look fab!
Green Monkey said…
you look great in that hat! I have a teeny tiny head and hats look silly on me - unless they're child size.
This N That said…
Cute hat.I need a new one too...I wear them to walk my dog sometimes..I burn and I try to protect myself...sometimes...
You sure look good in that hat Denise.
I would love to know how you put your photo from photo booth onto your blog.. thats great.
Happy days.
CountryDew said…
I love hats but I don't wear them. I was told I do not look good in them plus I am short and they make me look shorter.

But maybe I should ignore all of that and wear them anyway.

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