Gliding on the Breeze - Sunday Best

We drove to the coast today.   The temperature at home was 100 degrees when we left at 10:30.   When we arrived, the temperature was 63 degrees.   This photo represents the day as we sat and watched these guys soar around on the cool breezes.   It was a few hours that I desperately needed, taking in deep breaths of fresh sea air, and feeling the pure enjoyment of being outdoors as we wait for this heat wave to release us from its wrath.

Here's to a peaceful Sunday and happiness gliding on the breeze.


TexWisGirl said…
that's awesome, denise. sounds like a drive that was well worth it! :)
Anonymous said…
Our overnite temps will be in the 60's tonite. Just stepped outside to watch the meteor shower but we were too early so came back indoors. Hope to see it before we go to bed tonite.

Love the photo. Glad you found a way to get a little cool air today. :-))
Pat said…
Beautiful shot.
A Great photo of an awesome bird!...:)JP
Candy C. said…
What a GREAT picture! :)
I wouldn't mind a little mid-60s and a cool breeze myself!
This N That said…
Great picture..very calming..
Nancy said…
It's cooled off significantly here -- it really makes a difference in one's attitude! :)

Thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. xo

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