Rural Thursday

It's 108 degrees here.  It's hot as Hell.    I have no words, only a photo to share.   This was taken last week, which I am referring to as BH (before Hell).  

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TexWisGirl said…
well, the photo is a beauty! we're 104 here right now, too. *sigh*
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry about your heat wave. I remember how unbearable those high temps can be and how they drive you indoors for days on end. Hope you get a break from it soon. :-(
Eat To Live said…
We had a hot summer this year. Here in Pennsylvania, it hardly ever gets this hot and I was enjoying it while I could. It is starting to cool down now and I dread seeing fall and then ole man winter.
Comfypjs said…
Ugh! 108!! My brain would be melting.
I'm hoping we BOTH get cooler temps, it's getting to me over here on the right coast too!!
Snooks said…
Oh my. Boy is that hot. Here the PNW we have had record hot temps in the 100's. Nothing that touches 108 but none the less hot as Haidies. Here's to the cool down that fall brings.

@ 3Beeze Homestead
Lin said…
It's in the 60's tonight and after nothing but 100 degrees this summer, I'm freezing my hiney off. While it feels good--it's just weird. Will this summer ever end???

Stay cool, my friend. In spite of the heat.
Nancy said…
Lin and I are sharing the same weather pattern. 60s tonight and in the 80s for the next few days. Yay! Stay cool, Denise. :)
Mark said…
So, 108 is the temperature in Hell, huh? Hope I never get to confirm that in person!
Can't imagine what it's like in that kind barn in the scorching heat!

Hot here too.. the humidity!! ugh.
During the summer months here, especially August our tempareture is always over 40 degrees.. very very hot
I love the breezes in the evening, thats when i enjoy the summer best.
Stay cool Denise.. Aircon maybe and lots of iced water.
that barn must be so so hot inside.
happy weekend
CountryDew said…
Lovely shot. Hope the weather breaks for you soon.

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