Funny....And Yet Not

Did you know there is a shortage of Estradiol?   I just found out when I went to pick up my prescription over the weekend.   Our regular pharmacy has ZERO in inventory and cannot get a commitment from the supplier because there is a shortage in supply.   For Real!   So they knew Wal-Mart had some in stock the previous day and nicely called there for me to confirm it was available.   And then they transferred my prescription so I could drive another 10 miles to pick it up.

Off I go to Wal-Mart, a store I may enter once a year.   I don't like it, never have, never will.   But I breezed right in because it was probably church time and not so many people yet filling their carts.   The lady who helped me confirmed that there is, in fact, a shortage in supply.   She charged me $4.00 for my prescription - Wow!   That impressed me.    Anyway....I told her it was going to be tough times around SLO County with so many women not being able to take their Estradiol.   She agreed, especially because we were in the midst of the 104 degree days.   She told me there were men coming in to pick it up for their wives, men who were desperate enough to say they would pay any amount of money for the pills.   LOL!   We laughed about that.   She told me she's single, therefore has nobody to drive crazy except herself:-)   I walked out of the store chuckling over the brief but funny conversation.

This is just a cute little story, not a call out for a debate on hormone replacement therapy.   Thank you very much for respecting that.

And so it was a day for finding pretty flowers at the coast.   A good day overall, once my dilemma was solved - at least for the next 30 days.


Unknown said…
My opinion of hormone replacement therapy is.......
Just kidding.
Love the flower.
Anonymous said…
Husbands will be knocking one another down to get to the counter first. LOL.

Daryl said…
i guess i am lucky cause my refill arrived the other day ..
Cloudia said…
oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >
Nancy said…
That's not good when you depend upon it to maintain some sanity. Love the last photo of the purple flower. Lovely, Denise. :)
Carolynn Anctil said…
It sounds familiar...I'm sure it was one of the methods I tried initially, with no success. I guess I'm a hard case. You can send your condolences to my husband. *grin* I have a murena - an I.U.D. that administers hormones slowly, over a 5 year period. No fuss, no muss. It's been marginally successful, although I think my hormone production is dropping faster than it can keep up with...*sigh* Ain't aging fun?

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