Sunup to Sundown

Yesterday was one of those days that I try to lock in my memory because I enjoyed it so much.   After having our morning coffee, I noticed the sky was lightening to reveal beautiful clouds everywhere.   I took my camera outside to try different settings and see what I could capture.   Harry and Gunny left their hay (shocking!) long enough to get some pets from Mama.   And I stayed outside to enjoy the first half hour of light.   I edited this just a little to bring up the exposure and brighten the photo, but it was naturally spectacular.   

The clouds stayed with us all day and there was a very slight chance of a thunderstorm.   The evening sky was 360 degrees of beautiful.   I was trying to capture every bit of light and almost missed the fact that No. 16 chicken was hanging out under the coop at bedtime.   I always count heads, thankfully, and got her safely to bed.   

I know this is going to be another nice day with clouds in the forecast. is my Birthday!   More pretty photos soon but right now, I have a hot cup of coffee with my name on it.

I love September, it makes me smile.   Enjoy your day.


Daryl said…
Happy Birthday, Denise, you are in excellent company, today is my husband's birthday (and that of a very good friend) as well !
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, SIs! May your day be awesome filled with sunshine and soft fluffy clouds up in the sky. Thinking of you today. :-))
RoeH said…
Happy Birthday, Denise. I have no siblings to announce my entrance onto this planet. Thank Heavens. Hope you day is a good one though. :)
Comfypjs said…
Hope your birthday is everything you hoped it would be and more!
Happy Birthday, sister of Di! Your photos of the sky are just spectacular! Love your chickens on the header!~Patti
TexWisGirl said…
perfectly sprinkled across.
Rebecca said…
Diane told me (through her blog) to tell you Happy Birthday. So I shall. Happy Birhtday! I used to live in SLO and I have a good friend raising horses in Arroyo Grande. So I'll think of you when I think of her. Have a great day. What I wouldn't give to wish my own sister Happy Birhtday.
Kerri Farley said…
Happy Birthday!!!

LOVE those clouds!!
This N That said…
Happy Birthday..I don't think I've visited you for awhile...Love the chickens..
Country Girl said…
Happy Birthday, girl! I see the clouds cooperated to celebrate with you ~
Lin said…
That's what I call a "cotton-ball sky"--it's soooo pretty!

Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you had a wonderful day. :)

Good catch with the chicken.
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

Your day had a beautiful start and I hope your birthday has been filled with all your favorite things and lots of memories and fun!
Lynne said…
Happy Birthday . . . I hope you were able to continue to enjoy the clouds throughout the day . . . really like your new header!
Happy, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
The cake shown on Di's site..oh, my! Love it :)
I hope your day was wonderful and your following year is full of good health and happiness!
xo, misha
I stopped by from Diane's blog to wish you a happy birthday. Your photos are just beautiful. My sister has a cattle ranch with lots of cows a couple of bulls and a dozen or so cats.

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