Where Is She?

I'm in a blogging slump again but I will be back soon.   I know I have complained about the weather, but it's been 104 here the past two days and I just need to move on.   Autumn, where are you????   I thought you were right around the corner and then you ran in the other direction.

So just carry on.   I am reading your blogs and will be inspired again very soon.   I am going in search of Autumn to see what's keeping her away.   I named my little ranch after her and she needs to come check on us.   Autumn?   Autumn!   Get your beautiful self back here, we are waiting.


Anonymous said…
Late summer and early autumn can be sooo fickle. Our leaves should hopefully begin to change, ever so slightly, in the next few weeks so looking forward to that. Hope you get some relief soon!
I am not concern about leaves changing here, I just want the thermometer to change, 106 today and next two days will be more of the same.

Beautiful shot of the sky and clouds.
Lynne said…
It will be here soon . . . where you are, I am sure very soon too. With 104 . . . I'd be ready too! Love, love your header!
104!!??... ack!

Fall is showing her colors here already, I'm looking forward to it.

Autumn is nearly upon us Denise,
Here its still boiling hot between 34 and 38º ..but I do like it. I swim, then keep myself cool inside.
Today its just perfect, slightly cooler at 33..
We do need rain though..no rain here since may..
wishing you a happy weekend there in beautiful California.
Unknown said…
I'm with you on that, but Autumn is slowing showing her face in PA. Very nice.
Anonymous said…
I couldn't survive that heat...
Daryl said…
i found her, she's here in nyc

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