I Like Joe

I haven't made political comments on my blog.   If you don't like reading them, it's okay with me.   I just have some strong feelings and sometimes I want to say them out loud.

He is a man with years of experience, who shows his true colors, doesn't read from a memorized set of cards, and I respect those things. Too many politicians are reciting the party line rather than their own thoughts. Call him crazy or a fool for the laughs, I would rather have him next in line than a young Tea Party candidate with no real experience or knowledge in so many areas. Joe is 100% for the middle class....why are so many middle class voters staking their future on a team who is not?


Anonymous said…
Oh, don't get me started on this.
Well written Denise.
I like this man very much. agree, he would make a fine president.
As straight as a dye.!

Lynne said…
I will follw your sis . . . Best I don't jump in . . .
Hmmm...politics? Keep me away...however, I am very concerned about the future of our country!...:)JP
Anonymous said…
not this middle class person
Anonymous said…
You must be kidding!

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