Cayucos Pier

After a big storm, the beach is often a good place to take photos.   I spent just over an hour there yesterday and there were lots of treasures.   It was mid-afternoon, the waves were good enough for a few surfers, and there was an interesting light as the fog started rolling in way out in the distance.   This photo had a very monochrome look to it so I decided to try it in black and white.   

My soul needed a little photo time after several days of storms rolling through.   I was satisfied.


Snooks said…
Pictures seem to have the best effect when there is a storm involved. Thanks for posting this picture. I miss the coast so much. My husband and I used to take off for a quick trip to the Santa Cruz area on days when the valley was so hot. Our most favorite time to be there was in November. Now we are 7 hours away. I have been watching the weather keeping up with your recent storms there, looks and sounds like you guys got hit pretty hard. Stay safe.

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Cloudia said…

Happy Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

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Lin said…
Lovely. Made me smile.
Gretel said…
Lovely -- black and white is a wonderful choice for this image Denise. :)
Anonymous said…
The shine off the water is what makes this entire photo shine. :-)

Unknown said…
I think you made the right black and white choice. Great.
shadowlake2005 said…
You're so fortunate to have such beauty within reach! And thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures.

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