I Have a Friend

.... who is going to be a grandma for the first time this Summer.

.... who has been out of work over a year and is hoping his recent interview will work out.

.... whose husband was in a serious accident this month and just woke up after 15 days in a coma.

.... whose mother passed away this week, peacefully in her sleep at the age of 93.

.... whose son is finishing a one-year rehab program in April.

.... who is spending these nights on foal watch, waiting for a new life to be born.

We all have friends like these.   Some are very close to us and others are people we have known and liked and perhaps don't see very often.   But we are all connected.   And hopefully we make some effort to let them know we care, that we celebrate the good and give support over the bad.   I have been touched deeply by the woman I know whose husband nearly didn't survive.   They still don't know the extent of the brain damage and he is showing some paralysis.   This young couple has been together for 15 years, they have two young sons, they work hard and enjoy lots of fun times as a family.   He was driving home from work and crashed very close to home.   Their lives are changed forever in that split second.    

These are the important things in life.   Some are not so dramatic, some are not big events, some are just a cup of coffee or a phone call or shopping for a new purse.   The angst and grumbling and complaining and blaming and wasting our precious time on being upset with others is not how we should be spending our lives.   I have purposefully stripped away chaos and negativity in my life, as much as I am able.   I don't allow toxic people in my life.   I try to think about my words so I don't hurt someone with a sharp wit.   And as I have gotten older, I can say that I like who I am and generally how I treat others.   

Imagine if someone you care about was suddenly gone from your life.   I have been there and there are no do-overs, no next chance to say what you feel, no resolution for regrets.   

Take care with your friends and loved ones.


TexWisGirl said…
very nicely said, denise.
Debbie said…
What a beautiful, thoughtful entry!! Words to live by, sentiments we should never forget!!
Lin said…
Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we just take it all for granted.

Hugs and prayers for your friends.
Lynne said…
A sense of caring and kindness for each and everyone . . . can never be wrong. Very nice thoughts Denise . . .
I follow and adhere to these sentiments and feelings Denise.
We come to a time in life, when toxic people are just not what we need.
I am sorry to hear about your dear friend. I hope that he comes out of the coma.
We all have something to tell.
My father always taught me.. enjoy today.. live for today..life is not a rehersal.
happy sunday
Unknown said…
A nice reminder for us all.
This N That said…
Wonderful thoughts Denise..a great way to live ones life..I hope your friends husband comes out of this for the best and that her new foal brings her some happiness..You are so right..There are no do overs.
So true. Your words are heartfelt and touching and the image is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
so true. my heart goes out to you and your friends going through this stressful time. Hugs.
Yes, live each day without regrets, Denise. I too have been there as well!...:)JP
beth said…
your words are warm and wonderful....thank you... and prayers to your friend !!
Daryl said…
hugs to you ... and prayers for those who need them

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