Friday Random 5

Okay, here we go.....another Friday with Nancy!

I don't know the year of this photo, but I was probably in junior high.

1.     I have almost all solid colors in my closet.   I used to wear prints when I had a career and would dress up 5 days a week.   Now that I live on our little ranch property with animals, everything is a solid color.   I'm not really sure why.   A lot of fabric prints just don't appeal to my eye.   Maybe the designers aren't doing a good job?

2.     I am fascinated by genetics.   My two passions at this time in my life are photography and horses.   My grandfather was a horse trainer and my grandmother never went anywhere without her Brownie camera.   Do my interests come from them?   I think it's possible.

3.     When I was in high school, I had very long hair and very long legs.   As a freshman, I was called "Legs" by a rather cocky senior named Tom.   Maybe he thought I liked the attention, but it drew attention to me that I could have done without because I had a rather shy personality.

4.      I can groom and ride my horse, getting my hands dirty, then casually wiping them off before I eat an apple.   It doesn't bother me in the least.   I would never do that after shaking hands with a person or in a restaurant.   I haven't had the flu or any serious illness in many years.   Being a bit of a germ-a-phobe has its advantages.

5.      My grandma's house was filled with family treasures.   When a tornado blew through her town, she lost everything except a high chair that was my mom's.   I have that high chair and will give it to my sister's daughter.


Mary Ann said…
Love that picture! I was never that thin!
Anonymous said…
Yes. I generally don't get the flu unless David brings it home to me, or if I've been shopping at Wal-Mart. Their products are cheap and their flu is free I guess. Love that photo of you!

Dotti said…
Ah, yes! The trials and tribulations of being a thin teenager. Been there, done that. Now I wish I were almost that thin again. Love your header photo! (Visiting from ARJ)
Nancy said…
I was thin until I hit puberty, then it seemed I had to constantly be on a diet. What a pain!

Thanks for joining in Denise. Lots of fun facts today. xo
TexWisGirl said…
i've never ever had long legs. i'd have been jealous of you.
Lynne said…
This Friday 5 thing is fun . . . I am learning lots . . . about long legs, stripes, patterns and now solids and a bit about shaking hands and germs too . . .
I was tall and thin and very shy as a teenager. I wouldn't have liked that kind of attention either!

I wonder about genetics, too. My mother doesn't cook or sew now, but she was a grand cook and a superb seamstress. Me? Can't figure out sewing, at least with a machine, and I don't like to cook. Looks like I would have inherited one of her great talents! :-)
C-ingspots said…
This post made me smile for several reasons...I can relate I guess. Not with the long legs! Totally jealous!! But I totally agree about eating after getting horsey dirty, not even a second thought, but after shaking hands or being in any public place...hand washing is a priority! I think getting farm dirty and ingesting some good, natural germs helps build the immune system. I hardly ever get sick and I'm no clean freak. Oh, most of my clothes are solids as well. I think the prints that are so popular now, pretty much suck.
As always, my two cents in a nutshell. :)
Michelle said…
Maybe that Tom guy liked those legs!
So random, yet so wonderful! We have lots in common, you and I. Genetics are fascinating. I once had a female long-haired cream-colored cat. Knowing that the orange gene favors expression in males, and that cream is orange with a dilution gene .... it was fun to figure the probability with her (and she was deaf).

We are alike in your other facts, too. (Except my dirt comes from the garden, not horses.) No family treasures here ... Army families move a lot, and stuff gets shed along the way.

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