Inspired By You

Do you find inspiration from other bloggers whose blogs you visit regularly?   I know that I do.   Of course, I don't always follow through on my inspiration.   I suppose if I did, I wouldn't have time for the other things I love.   

I came across this photo in my archives from a year or two ago.   It's a beautiful Julia Child rose that I have been hoping will start to flourish a little more in my front yard.   Connie at Hartwood Roses is nothing short of amazing with her love and nurturing of roses, and I could learn so much from her if I would take the time and perhaps plant a few more beauties like this.

Bev at Bee Haven Acres is busy all the time.   I admire her vegetable gardens that she takes such great care with.   She harvests all the food and feeds her family year round with the fruits of her labor.   I have two tomato plants.   *sigh*   Each year I want to grow more "crops" here but never seem to put in the time.   

Karen at This Old House2  seems to be a great cook and is always trying new recipes for her family.   You might think the photos would inspire me to cook more, but I don't.   Maybe when I have a new kitchen?   Well, it could happen.

Others inspire me with their beautiful and creative photography.   I always want to continue to learn and develop my skills in that area.   I sat in on a Q&A/tutorial with Trey Ratcliffe and associates this week.   I didn't send in any questions, but I always learn something from him and he is a very generous teacher with people of all levels.   

I thank you, those of you who left comments about my kitchen remodel.   I am not a Pinterest fan at all, but maybe I will find some inspiration there.   And I will certainly post photos when our remodel gets going.   The ball's in my court to provide measurements and photos to the designer.   

For now, the dogs are awake, the donkeys are braying, and I am inspired to get another cup of coffee and get on with my day.   Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

I am also sharing this little video with you that I made yesterday.   The mockingbird sat in our trees for hours yesterday afternoon, singing his songs for me.   It was just delightful.   It's only a minute so if you can, listen to his songs.   They are just a joy to have on the property.


Anonymous said…
Her/His song was delightful! First thing each morning when we let our pup out (dawn, right as daylight is entering the scene) the cacophony of chirping is so sweet to the ears! I think the bird world is happy that spring has sprung, as well!

And, yes, to answer your question, I do get inspired by all the creativity out here in blogland!
TexWisGirl said…
i just love the mockers and their spring songs!
I have Julia Child roses here too.. absolutely love them, easy and hearty!

And you inspire, too, don't ya know. Your photography is beautiful. And I now know a little more about your side of the country :-)

Unknown said…
Yep, I get inspired by my blogger buddies all the time, for instance, after reading your post yesterday, I got to thinking, I'm gonna remodel that masterbath we've been talking about for months..Darn you!!
Lynne said…
Loved the video and listening to all the tweets and chatter. I also liked your inspiration post, mentioning a few blogs that you find inspiring. I can't wait to visit the gal with roses . . . thanks to you I will enjoy meeting someone new. No doubt your kitchen remodel will put me in a "make over" mood . . . I look forward to seeing some of your plans.
Enjoy a happy weekend . . .
CountryDew said…
Lovely bird song. I enjoyed listening to that. I am inspired by every blog I visit.
Nancy said…
What a wonderful sound! And I agree, I get so much inspiration from my blogger friends like you. xo

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