Saturday Roses

Just hanging out at home this weekend with my honey.  It's going to be in the low 90's and everything is freshly watered.    

I might need a couple more rose bushes to put in pots until we want to plant again.    I'm thinking a peach color and possibly white.    Any ideas?


TexWisGirl said…
that buttercream rose is gorgeous!
Lynne said…
For some reason I took a likening to yellow this year. The Butter Cream Rose I found very pretty. Softer than a bright yellow. Peach would be lovely. The David Austin white is very nice, my friend planted some last year.

Enjoy your 90 degree (yikes) weather. We are happy with our 60's . . . finally!
Anonymous said…
I agree. The buttercream is nice!
Only 66 degrees here today and overcast. Who knows, we could gat a bit of rain tonite!
Your best rose suggestions are going to come from the folks nearby. The roses in the cemetery in Sacramento are blooming their little brains out right now, according to photos that California FB friends are posting.
The 90's!!!!'s going to be 75 tomorrow...I keep telling myself I should try them, but never have....:)JP
I do love roses, and don't think you can go wrong with any color!!
Unknown said…
Low 90's?? Wow, keep cool, enjoyed your roses.
Nancy said…
I've always loved those purple/blue type I see in the nursery catalogs and have wanted to try one. Yours are gorgeous -- a peach colored one would complement these very nicely.
This N That said…
There's a pretty Apricot...90's Yuk..
Comfypjs said…
Back from a 5 day trip to the Palm Desert visiting a friend. What beautiful photos these two are!

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