Random 5 Friday

First, let me say that these are NOT photos of my garden.   These are photos I took while wandering around the garden center yesterday, dreaming of a garden.   

1.    We have critters around our property that keep me from having the garden of my dreams.   These critters include my 16 free-ranging chickens who would definitely do a lot of damage.

2.     We are having a drought year and I get concerned about watering plants, so we didn't put in any new bare root fruit trees this year.   We don't have Summer rain in our area.   Our rainy season is in the Winter.

3.     I had a gas grill and finally threw it out after many years of good use.   We bought a small charcoal grill a few years ago and now I want a gas grill again.   So I keep looking, but the prices are keeping me from buying.   I want a Weber because I know they will last.   This photo is obviously not a grill, but a beautiful planter on a stand.   Love it.

4.     Bouganvillea is deer resistant.   This photo does not do justice to the beauty of this one, called Thai Imperial Delight.   Google it.   It's gorgeous.   Then I would need a trellis.

5.    My tomato plants are getting really tall and look healthy.  I know absolutely nothing about what to expect with them.   They have been flowering but so far no fruit.   I guess I'll keep waiting.   Should I be fertilizing regularly?    This is not a tomato plant, obviously, but I love this little bird bath.    And more flowers.   And another Buddha.   Oh dear, is this random enough?

Enjoy your holiday weekend.   You know where to find me....at the garden center!!!!


Judy said…
I'll send you some rain, we have plenty to go around :)
Love the planter and bird bath, we have a Weber grill that is charcoal with gas ignite and absolutely love it!
You go to a lovely garden center! We don't plant much because of wildlife critters--namely, the deer. They ate all our tomatoes except for a few the one year we tried. I can't get mad at them, though--they were here first!
This N That said…
Very random..I hope I can remember what I wanted to say about each item..Lovely pictures..We have too many bunnies around here ..Love that planter..Was it Copper? I just replaced my little gas grill..Go on Hayneedle.com..They have tons at all prices..That's where I got mine..Of course you'll have to put it together.
My tomatoes have flowers as well..Flowers before the fruit..They sell tomato plant food so I just feed them diluted flower food when I water my plants..I only planted one plant..It seems everybody is giving away tomatoes at the same time..Have a great weekend.
Lynn said…
I was looking at a Buddha just like this one, we aren't neighbours by anymeans so I wonder if they came from the same place? Beautiful flowers, yours or not...we bought a jasmine plant this spring then realized we needed a trellis-my husband wants a gas barbeque, I want him to be happy with the charcoal one am I crazy? Nice post..
Hi Denise Hope you get rain soon so that your garden gets watered. Of course then the weeds will grow!! Have a great weekend. Margaret
TexWisGirl said…
funny bird bath! :) wait to buy a grill until after mem. day is over!
Anonymous said…

I am visiting from R5F.
Looks like you had a fun trip to the garden center. Lots of pretty blooms.

I have 4 tractor rims as my container garden. I use old sheep jug panels to protect my garden from the naughty cow dog that likes to dig.

Hope you get lots of delicious tomatoes and I would never want to be without my grill!

Anonymous said…
Google the growing of tomatos in your area for info. Each flower should turn into a tomato... they LOVE the heat but also need watering in very dry areas. Wish I could give you more info for your growing area but me not know nuffin' about it.

Mary said…
We have many critters too, mainly moles. They're cute, but they're diggers, lol. You have chickens! Very cool. As neat as having flowers, i think anyway!
Alica said…
A garden center is a great place to hang out, in my opinion! :) I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!
We had a bougainvillea for years in a hanging basket...cut it back and put it in the garage each winter...but then a couple of years ago, my husband had the bright idea to plant it in our yard next to our fence and let it climb...it died. We need to get a new one. Love all the pictures of your plants!
Nancy said…
It's raining here right now as I write this -- supposed to rain all weekend. Figures.

I do all of my plants in pots because of the same reason you stated. Now if I could only keep the cats from laying in them... :)
Unknown said…
Love your random thoughts, here's hoping for rain to go your way.
Lynne said…
I like the random 5 friday with your garden center visit.

I am going through the grill thing too. We have had gas grills, then had a huge gourmet like grill with all the bells and whistles. Too much for two people so my daughter/SIL put it to good use. Then we went to a very small camping gas grill. Now . . . back to a very nice Weber charcoal grill. There will be some Baby Back Ribs smokin' away on it on Monday!

Happy weekend!
CountryDew said…
We fence our garden in to keep the critters out. Otherwise we would not get anything out of it.

Some nice photos there.

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