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We went to Morro Bay this morning and walked on the beach for about an hour.   I have other photos to share, but I really like this one.   It was cloudy at the coast but the colors were beautiful to my eye.   It wasn't overcast where everything looks the same color, but very crisp in a different sort of way.    Walking on the beach is just the best way to center your mind and body.    I realize not everyone has access to a beach, but finding a special place to walk is good for the soul.   


I've never been to Morro Bay, but a good friend of mine lived there for years and from her, I feel like I have been--I agree, it's a beautiful place to recharge your inner batteries and center yourself!
Rain said…
Very true Denise........ We all need a place to do this..... You found a very nice place to!
Have a wonderful week!!
Rain :)
Good for the soul indeed. It looks beautiful!
Definitely good for the soul. That is a beautiful photo.
Daryl said…
that is exquisite, truly
TexWisGirl said…
really good for you. :)
Hi Lovely photo. it i always good to find somewhere to rechange your batteries
Tabor said…
Almost any place to walk is good for the soul.
Lynne said…
I knew you would have a prime photo for me to enjoy!
Love it!
Green Monkey said…
ohhhh it really is exactly what the soul needs! I love my morning walk. what a lovely beach. and you've just given me a great post prompt!

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