And So It Goes

We are still in the midst of this horrible heat wave with temperatures breaking records on a daily basis.   Today is supposed to be 111 again and although they said it would start to cool on Wednesday, they are now saying it will be Thursday before temperatures break below 100.   But we are as well set as we can possibly be.   It was terrific to have Erik home over the weekend to help with the outside work and other errands.   A trip to Trader Joe's with a few groceries kept us at home the rest of the weekend.   

There was lots of this.   I think this one was "Eat Pray Love" which I was enjoying even though I'd seen it before.   "Family Man" is delightful on a Sunday afternoon when it's too hot for anything else.   Notice the comforter is thrown to the side because there is no need for it.   The blanket is now covered with another sheet for those endless hours of watching TV.   I considered going to see "The Heat" but that would have involved getting dressed and actually driving somewhere.   Another day....

I found this little dude when I was pounding nails into the chicken coop for one of my "cool the chickens" projects.   This is chicken wire, so you can imagine how small he is.   I almost didn't recognize him as a praying mantis because he's about one inch long, if that.   I hope he sticks around until he's grown.   Very cool little creatures.

And that's about it.   I have to leave the house today because I need to buy a few more groceries and some dog food.   And more watermelon.   It's very sweet and juicy and perfect for these hot summer days.   

On a very serious note, please send prayers and good healing thoughts to the families of the firefighters in Arizona who lost their lives over the weekend.   Firefighters are heroes and this is a tragic loss for the families and community.    


Daryl said…
i didnt love or get far with Eat Pray Love the book so i am wondering if i would enjoy the movie ... its poring rain here right now and i can only hope when it lets up there's less humidity ...
Nancy said…
My sister is leaving your heat for our cooler weather here in Ok. Who woulda thought THAT would ever happen?!! Stay cool!!! Maybe your chickens need a window unit? :)
Oh, you poor people out there. that is HOT HOT HOT. Jeez, I bet it's ajob to keep the animals cool too. Hoping you get some relief soon.

Horribly tragic, the story of the firefighters. You are so right, they are heros.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are staying indoors other than when tending to your ranch critters.

I tried to watch Eat Pray Love or read it... don't remember, I do remember that it did not hold my attention and I did not complete the book or the movie. Guess I am more of an action movie lover.

Really sad about the firefighters... horribly tragic.

Stay cool!!
Gone Country said…
I know what you mean about staying indoors and not wanting to get dressed... suffering right there with ya in this heat. So far, our highest has been 117 with the next ten days still in the triple digits but closer to 101.

I've worked with and know lots of firefighters and the news of these that lost their lives yesterday saddens me. So tragic.
Records being broken here too, 113 yesterday and today and tomorrow are supposed to be hotter. Right now 103 and very windy, yucky clouds, not looking forward to even the slightest chance for thunder and lightning.

I found some really neat fogger nozzles at the hardware store for the animals.

Stay cool.
TexWisGirl said…
i read about that on the web this morning. so very tragic.

be safe!
Thank goodness for a/c and movies when it's that hot outside! We have been cool or seasonable so far this year, which is weird. Heat is coming for the weekend, they say. It is summer after all.
Lin said…
I love preying mantis--they are sooooo creepy, but COOL! We had one lay eggs two summers ago--it was amazing to see hundreds of them hatch that spring!! I hope you find more in your yard too.

Stay cool, my friend!
simply bev said…
You're getting the heat and we're getting much rain! Loved Eat Pray Love. The photography and soundtrack are great!
HI Hope it cools down soon. here I wish it wold warm up!! Margaret
I enjoyed the movie but not our heat & humidity. Our prayers went out to their families, since the Pres retired from a local FD....:)JP
Lynne said…
YIKES on the temps! Stay cool inside watching more movies!

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