Skywatch Friday

I'm not sure I've ever shared with this group, but I have so many sunset photos that it seems like a place where they could fit.   If you simply can't look at another of my sunset photos, I understand.   Really, I do.  With skies like this, it takes me a long time to choose my favorites and then decide what, if any, editing I want to add.   The next time the sky is cloudy, you can be sure I will be taking more.   Enjoy your Friday and the weekend, wherever you are.

Here is the link to

Our sky from July 22nd.  


TexWisGirl said…
can't get tired of skies like this!
Lynne said…
Beautiful . . . how could anyone become tired of watching the sun set . . . or looking at gorgeous photos of the same.
Anonymous said…
You got some nice shots showing the rays there, Sis. Skywatch Friday has been around on bloggyland for quite some time. I think my friend Tanya participates a lot. Good place for you to share!!
These are great... keep 'em coming!
These are beautiful images. Very dramatic.
LOLfromPasa said…
I just couldn't pass by the opportunity to say 'Wow'. Great shots - all of them!
What beautiful photos--A reminder to look up and not down!! :-)
Wonderful sky scapes. great captures
D.M. SOLIS said…
I see you've had your share of beautiful skies too. Peace and many more like these for you.

Linda said…
Welcome to Skywatch! I had to smile when I read your comment about 'next time it's cloudy' - we have more than our fair share of clouds here in Scotland - but then they do provide lots of scope for cloud photos!

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