Summer Browns

Not a lot of words, just shades of brown.    Now that the 4th of July tourists are gone home, we're going to the coast today for some shades of blue.   

View of the neighbor's frequent visitor

Ranch Boots

Harry's Cross

Harry's Ears

Chicken (what else is there to say?)

Sweet, Handsome and Protective
Enjoy your Monday and I hope you have a good week!


Enjoy your time at the beach..
It looks hot where you are Denise.
great photos.
happy days
Daryl said…
these are wonderful .. i especially love those ears
Anonymous said…
I'm with Daryl.. the ears are awesome. Do you know what kind of deer you have out your way? Our's are a white tail.
I can certainly relate to the browns, except my boots are black. Sure wish we could get just a bit of the rain they are complaining about in the east.
Mary Ann said…
Love your shades of brown!
TexWisGirl said…
what a fun set! enjoy the beach!
Nancy said…
Must be nice to have your peace and quiet back -- have fun at the beach Denise.
Lovely collection of brown shades!
Lynne said…
Enjoyed the brown . . . looking forward to your blue!
Unknown said…
Enjoyed your photos, especially the neighbors visitor and the cross. Enjoy the beach. Shades of Blue post coming soon?
Rain said…
Well the brown Harry is by far the best!!
We're in the East, and we sure could use some of the rain they've been getting down south. Now our grass is BROWN after the tropical rain forest atmosphere went away and the heat blew in. Weird weather, I'm telling you.

Harry is adorable close up.

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