The Sky Makes My Day

I ride my horse, Beau, about 3 to 4 times a week unless it's really hot or I have other things I need/want to do.   He is incredibly well trained and has learned several disciplines in his short 10 years.   He initially showed in Morgan Pleasure Driving and then English Pleasure.   His last few years showing at Morgan A shows was in Hunter Pleasure and he collected quite a few ribbons.   Since I made him mine almost 4 years ago, I have had him trained in Dressage and I have been learning that myself.   Let me tell you, it's not easy.   It may look easy but it's not.   And I'm not talking about the upper levels that you see on the Olympics.   I'm talking about the very basics.   It's much more technical than sitting on the back of a horse and going down the trail.   I love doing that too, but this is something that challenges me and so I persevere.   Yesterday was one of those days where my brain wouldn't connect with all my body parts.  As with any sport, there are good days and days that you end up feeling rather frustrated.   But even those days are well worth it.   Because I love my horse and it just fills my soul.   

After riding yesterday, I took a much needed shower and since I woke up at 4:30, I also took a much needed nap.   I went to town and ran a few errands.   And then the clouds rolled in.   The entire sky was filled with gray clouds and there was some talk of a 20% chance of rain.   WHAT????   How awesome would that be!    A few raindrops hit my head and teased us all, but the sky ended up being the big show once again.   And take a look at this!

I am so excited at the very thought of rain, I can't even find the words.   Sorry for those of you who are flooding and sick of the rain, but a drought isn't much fun either.

And so getting back to the sky, it was gorgeous yet again.   And yet again, I took a couple hundred photos to satisfy my need for camera time.    Not to bore you with a gazillion more sunset photos, I will show you a few that I've already edited a little.   Well, actually the last one wasn't edited at all except for a little sharpening.   Those are the real colors.   I know, huh?   Mother Nature can be awesome when she wants to be.

Bring it on, Mother Nature.   We're more than ready!


Anonymous said…
Gosh, I hope you get some rain to calm down the dust and the fire hazards. We are so soggy here this year that I would love to send you a few buckets or even dump trucks full of rainwater. Oh, and some thunder as well! You really have much prettier sunsets than we do though so there ya go....
We are lucky to watch the sky from the positioning of windows in our house. No we don't ride off into the sunset, but it's nice to know others are!...:)JP
TexWisGirl said…
so glad you're getting cooler temps, at least! and i DO hope you get rain!
Nancy said…
It's going to get hot here again this coming week and little chance of rain, so it will not take long to dry up. Hope you get some moisture soon Denise!
100's......yuck! :) the photos are just beautiful. Fingers crossed for you that you get rain.
Beautiful photos! And I can certainly understand about the desire for rain. Last year we had severe heat and drought, and it was very difficult to get through. I hope you get some relief.
Wonderful sunsets however I hope you get rain soon. Margaret
Michelle said…
Mother Nature is pretty awesome. We have been getting torrential downpours. Crazy.
Unknown said…
Here's hoping you get more than a few drops to quench your thirst. Love the sky photos, as usual.
Doing a rain dance for you! Love the windmill in the photos too...
shirley said…
Still praying for some rain for you guys, even if a summer rain is unusual.
I love your sky photos and really enjoy reading about you and Beau!
Have a great weekend!
Lynne said…
It may be very hot with no rain in sight, (except for the mega thunderstorm) BUT you have the most beautiful sunsets . . . gorgeous pictures . . . happy you are behind that camera!

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