Keep Your Place in Line

What to do when you have a series of photos like this?   Make a collage!   And then?  Change it up a little.   You have to love these relatively simple editing programs that give you so many choices.   If we'd had these as children, do you think we would have been more or less creative?   I personally think I would have been more creative because I can't draw.   I got my first camera at age 10 and loved taking photos, but you had to buy the film and then have the photos developed.   I am sure my parents wouldn't have appreciated me going out and shooting 200 photos in one day, only to decide that I liked a handful and planned to throw the others away.   And making a collage would have meant taking the originals and using glue to attach them to a piece of construction paper.   Or sending away for duplicates, waiting for those to be returned, then making the collage.   It all sounds quite tedious and takes away the fun of creating something on a whim.

Yes, you might say that in some ways it was the good old days.   In other ways, these days are much better.


Anonymous said…
I like the grey and the blue. Could you hear them as they flew over?
HI Denise I agree with you, it is better nowadays that we can shot off as many photos as we want and then edit them in whatever way we want to. I love experimenting but don't know enough about it yet.
I remember my old Pentax K1000, and the winding of film.. I am loving the digital era.

Nancy said…
Back then, I think we were much more selective at what we shot... now it's shoot as many of whatever and delete/edit at will.

Love the different edits Denise. Have a great day!
Willow said…
Love seeing the formations fly across the sky .
Unknown said…
Loved what you did with the pictures, and I love playing with those type programs too!
Comfypjs said…
I have been telling my daughter that I wish I had the technology that we have now when she and her brother were kids. I love being creative and I was with what I had but if I had then what I have now....look out world!

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