Yes, It's All Random

Those of you who know my sister, Di, probably know she is selling Lilla Rose products.   I purchased one and have been trying to take photos of the back of my head.   Not an easy thing to do.   Sitting on the bathroom vanity, contorting my arms, turning my head every way imaginable, and this is the best I can do.   Anyway, I don't buy products just for the sake of trying them.   This is a nice clip and I will definitely purchase more.

I captured one photo of the recent harvest moon that looked remotely like a moon and not some bright white light in the sky.   I just don't do well at all with moon shots.   But once in a while, I try.

I'm going to the eye doctor for my annual exam and will likely buy new glasses.   I have to wear glasses all the time and contacts are really difficult for me.   I have a prescription that includes astigmatism and I also have very dry eyes.   I've tried different types of contacts, they just don't work very well.   My current glasses are a plum color.   I have no idea what I'll choose this time, but this shape seems to be the best for me.

I've been having really good rides/lessons on Beau the past couple of weeks.   There are things I want to do well and I find that I have to set my mind to it, then really push myself to push myself harder.   The rewards always feel so good.   

I often take photos that include people at the beach.   I don't share photos of children unless I've asked their parents' permission.   But when I see adults who add a splash of color to the beach, I will take their photo without concern.   I smile when I see people who add a little uniqueness to the beach.

Lastly, before I head outside on this cool morning to release the chickens, I have hydrangeas on my mind lately.   I saw some at Trader Joe's yesterday and almost bought some.   Maybe next time.   I took this photo recently and don't even remember where.   Dang, getting older is hard on the mind.   Ha!

Have a terrific Thursday, whether planned or random.   


Connie said…
That shot of the moon is wonderful, do you Photoshop? It would be a great background for a haunting autumn mix media collage. Your hair bob is very pretty, too :)
Have a glorious day,
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
Unknown said…
All of the pictures are have a good eye for taking them. I like those glasses on you...the color is very good.
Anonymous said…
Love how you put your hair up;! I have so much fun with my flexi clips. Need to order more!! xox Oh, and that couple on the beach are just the cutest duo. Love that!
Willow said…
Lovely harvest moon photo !
I do like that clip and the hair color !!
C-ingspots said…
Love the hair clip! My problem with hair clips is that my hair is baby fine, thin and very wavy...usually clips are too heavy and slide right out. :(
I pretty much suck at moon shots, yours is a good one. And, I actually like that woman's outfit on the beach. Looks a lot like my attire in the late 70's, early 80's. :)
Nancy said…
Do you have pink in your hair? :)

Very pretty clip -- I entered her giveaway but I'm wondering if the clip will hold up my massive hair.

Lovely images -- the couple on the beach made me smile.
shirley said…
That is a very pretty hair clip. My daughter might like them, so I'll have her check them out.
Your moon image has a lot of detail - they are really hard to capture, but you did a nice job!
Lin said…
I love to find odd folks here and there and try to get their photos too. I wonder if someone out there is taking MY photo?
Linda said…
Those glasses look good on you. And your moon shot is great!
Comfypjs said…
As usual, your photos are beautiful! I like your glasses but only on you. I need to wear glasses too but chose Lasik surgery in 2001. Worked like a charm! I could see individual leaves on the trees. Now, 12 years later I can still see far but can't see anything close up. Reading glasses are annoying...on, off, on, off, etc. So I tried mono contact lenses. I can see great out of the one for distance. The bifocal one is good for up close. However; my old brain can't figure out how to use them simultaneously. Getting old is a real joy alright :\
Loved all the randomness of this post. Great to see you hair up but I thing you look good with it down and I love your glasses. Moon shot amazing.
Lynne said…
Fun Random 5 Friday post . . . love your clip, wonderful photos! The beach couple takes the prize . . . unique is fun!
Daryl said…
what a pretty hair thingie ... and the other photos as well ... moon shot elude me ... i agree stick with that shape frame, its very flattering
Pretty clip- I wish I could wear those, but my hair is too darn thick and I've broken more of those than I care to admit! I need new specks too- I have been squinting a lot lately.

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