Heavy Drizzle

Does heavy drizzle count as rain?   I don't know, but the air and dirt smelled so good yesterday, our first day of weather.   Of course it didn't last, but I was able to wear extra warm clothes and put a warmer blanket over me at bedtime.   The dogs were enjoying the cool air and played extra hard.   The donkeys don't like rain.   Period.   They liked the cooler weather in the afternoon and had their playtime too, in addition to nice rolls in the loose dirt.   The chickens spent a lot of post-drizzle time in the dirt too.   

I stayed home all day except for one quick trip in to town for an errand.   Since I rode my horse so many times the past 2 weeks,  I didn't feel one bit guilty about sitting on my backside most of the day.   I did some laundry and edited a lot of photos.   I ate some Trader Joe's grilled asparagus (YUM!), some Trader Joe's minestrone (YUM!), and a few other things I won't mention because they aren't the healthiest.   

So here's a question for you amateur photographer friends of mine.   What the heck does one do when they approach 20,000 photos?   I go back through them, delete some that I will never edit, delete several that are multiple iterations of the same thing, then I go out and take a few hundred more and get close to 20,000 again.   I don't know why that "magical" number sticks in my head.   It just seems like one helluvalotta photos.    

Then I find one that I wasn't thrilled with, applied the new Lightroom presets, and it's all new to me again.   You CAN make a silk purse out of a sow's ear....or something like that.

Have a really nice Thursday in your part of the world....or Friday, or whatever day it is where you live.


Anonymous said…
Other than put them on a free standing hard drive or deleting them, I have no idea what to do with my kabillion photos either.
TexWisGirl said…
i delete a ton of mine, but i also don't save multiple versions and don't use textures or effects. just use picasa for some minor cropping and light/dark tweaks.

i also store them on an external hard drive once i use 'em on the blog.

love your header shot.
Nancy said…
I figure it would take way too much time to delete them -- I store everything on an external hard drive too and when that gets full, I'll just get another one. Problem solved. :)
Michelle said…
I store photos on an external hard drive. I do delete some, but don't usually have the time to sort through much.
Daryl said…
i make sure mine are backed up on a stand alone hard drive ... and i recently went through them and tossed a lot of what i decided werent all that great and those i know i have taken a hundred times .. you know, that one spot/thing that you keep shooting over and over .... and over
CountryDew said…
I put mine on an external drive and then delete from the hard drive. They can get overwhelming.
Unknown said…
I too put mine on an external hard drive, but then all I am accomplishing is saving many many photos that I probably should delete for one reason or another. Anyway, I say go for 40,000, then worry aboout it.
beth said…
the photographer's predicament...LOL

you can always put them on discs or an external hard drive just to free up some space on your computer :)

i lov this photo....A LOT !!

ps...do you make your own presets in LR? that's my favorite thing to do.
Willow said…
I just went through and deleted quite a few ...I hate deleting them though I have to admit.
Glad you got in riding your horse. I do miss my big Dressage guy that I loved so much and the little Paso Fino I was working with last year :( ~ I did however just come in from driving our modern shetland all around the country dirt roads and through the woods . It was a beautiful drive, and she loves to drive too ! I am going to have to back track through your blog and see if I can find pics of your horse
I spent a couple of hours yesterday deleting photos. I download to a flash drive and then store that in the computer desk drawer. Not very organized I'm afraid!

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