A Magical Monarch Place

I realized I didn't post here about the butterflies at Ragged Point.   I sometimes forget to share photos  here after editing them and planning to do just that.    On my recent drive up Highway 1, I stopped at Ragged Point to take a nice driving break and take a few photos.   I got out of my truck and immediately saw multitudes of Monarchs flying around the grounds.   It was magical and completely unsuspected as I'd read nothing about Ragged Point before I set out that day.   

Here's a little information I found online.


And here are some of the photos I took.   I could've stayed much longer if I wasn't trying to get to Cambria for the sunset.   

Now I understand the butterflies are staying the winter near Pismo Beach just south of here.   Sounds like I need to take another drive!


Happy Tuesday

P.S.   The bird in yesterday's post seems to be in the Towhee family.   We have quite a few California Towhees around here but this one looks a little different....possibly a Canyon Towhee?   You can look them up and see what you think.


Rebecca said…
The brilliant black and orange of the Monarchs on those blue flowers is amazing. Just perfect!
Comfypjs said…
BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! I love the beautiful colors of butterflies. Kim from Picking Poppies Blog http://pickingpoppies.blogspot.com/ raises butterflies and also takes beautiful photos of them.
Unknown said…
Incredibly beautiful pictures.
TexWisGirl said…
wow. really nice! i've been lucky to see a few monarchs here this fall - pretty rare.
C-ingspots said…
Oh wow, how cool is that? I would have loved to see them; so many in one spot...magical!
Wow- that's just gorgeous- I would love to see them like that.
Tabor said…
Each species so fragile and precious...hope this place stays pristine forever.
Michelle said…
I saw many swallow tails this past season, but I don't really remember any Monarchs. Beautiful shots.
Lin said…
Check out www.monarchwatch.org. For years I raised monarchs and tagged them before their migration. They are very cool to raise.
Lynne said…
What a fun "happened on" site that would be!
HI Denise The colours or orange adn blue really compiment each other so well and these are fantastic shot.

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