Go Fend for Yourselves

We have decided to stop feeding the birds, at least for now.   Bird seed is expensive and a large population of sparrows can go through $10 of bird seed in the blink of an eye.   There is plenty for birds to eat here all year round, so it's not as if they'll starve.   I mostly wanted to attract the finches because I think they're pretty.   The sparrows can fend for themselves.   Of course, that means they'll be munching on our chicken feed, but I really think that will cost less than the bird seed.   

I've had a low grade virus of some sort which lingered through the weekend.   Just kind of strange, dizziness, a little nausea and fatigue.   Others have had it, and I've been told it can last a couple of weeks.   So I haven't been riding and my body feels the lack of activity.   Ugh.   But when the body says to take it a little easy and sleep....that's what I do.

Yesterday was a very pretty day and we drove over to Morro Bay in hopes of seeing the Lady Washington, a replica of the first flagged ship that sailed around Cape Horne.   I'm going from memory here rather than using Google in the middle of this post, but I think that's correct.   It was small, it was crawling with people, and it was disappointing.   Trying to get photos was nearly impossible with "Kayaks For Rent" posted on yellow banners, fishing boats docked with their equipment obstructing the view, and so many other annoying obstacles.   I did my best to take a few but mostly deleted all but about a dozen.   It was actually more interesting to look at the water raining off the dock full of fish tanks.

Our Martha Stewart tree has been taken out of the box and is standing in the corner of the living room waiting for me to decorate it.   We love the lights which is why we put it up early and leave it up until New Year's.   I would like some new ornaments and ribbons this year so that's on my list.

I hope you're not stressing this week.   If your traveling, please be safe!


TexWisGirl said…
i hope your virus doesn't drag on too long. i feed birds all year long, but am stingy on the sunflower seeds this year. everything is expensive.
Sorry you are feeling under the weather..hope you shake it before Thanksgiving. I put up decorations yesterday for Christmas and it really lifted my yuckky mood. Then today I was all set to go shopping and we got ice..so I may have to go find something else to decorate!
This N That said…
Hope you are feeling better son..Yes, bird seed is expensive but I love watching them so I'll keep feeding them for now..
HI Denise Hope that virus clears up soon bubt rest is the answer adn drinking water. I am flying tomorrow to thanks for travelling safety wishes.

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