Quiet Waters

It's been calm here on the home front.   I like calm.   I had those years of busy busy and hurry hurry.   Go here, go there, schedule appointments, travel for work, keep track of kids' school stuff.   I am so far past that, I only remember it through dreams and photos.   I used to be able to juggle so much in my mind, it now boggles my mind.   

I crave serenity.   Peace of mind.   Just enough challenges but not too many.   Just enough responsibility but not so much it overwhelms me.   Making plans but not losing sight of today.   

I woke up this morning to chilly temperatures, wind, and a little drizzle.   I think this will be a very quiet day at home and perfect for soup.

I hope those of you in the deep freeze are warming up and feeling the sunshine on your faces.   


TexWisGirl said…
beautiful image. i love calm, too.
Anonymous said…
It's 37 degrees heading for a high of 47 today with sunshine, but more crummy stuff on the way tomorrow. I think if I had an ocean within driving distance that I could go look at daily that life would be at it's best.
I love the ocean too! It does something to/for me...:)JP
Comfypjs said…
There is nothing better than the sound and smell of the ocean to rid the body of the daily stresses of life. That photo really emanates peace and serenity!
Lynne said…
I liked receiving that serenity . . . Beautiful, peaceful. I prefer that too. Been there, done that other stuff. Over and done.

Believe it or not it is a gorgeous sunny day here today in western Michigan. Still very cold but warmer days are predicted.
Hi Denise. Beautiful shot with good composition. Love the reflection of the boat.
What a wonderful photo- so peaceful, and such pretty colors. Did you say where this was? It's cold and drizzly here, and I just forced myself to go to the grocery store. Blechh.
This N That said…
Thanks for your good wished weather wise..Double digits today with sun..rain/freezing rain tomorrow..rain on Sat with temps in the 50's??..Better on Sun..Another great photo..
Reena said…
Great shot ... so peaceful which agrees with me!
Anonymous said…
A very peaceful shot! I am up for calm and peaceful!
Daryl said…
peaceful is good .. calm is good ... i am so happy the weekend is here and tomorrow i get to sleep past 5:30 ... ahhhhhh

gorgeous image!
C-ingspots said…
Oh my word - I LOVE that boat picture!! Now you talk about serenity? That is it! I'm at that same stage in life. I want peace and no drama, with very little demands upon my time.

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