Random 5 Friday

Okay, where is January going in such a hurry?   I know most of you in other parts of the country/world might be happy to see her go, but this year is just getting started.   Slow down!

1.    I'm getting remodel fever and really really hope we can do the kitchen this year.   These are the cabinets I'm really liking after thinking about it for years and years.

2.    I'm planning to move Beau (my horse, for those who don't know) to my girlfriend's place as soon as her facility upgrade is complete.   I love the barn I've been with for the past few years, but this will save me on board and also give me a chance to try new things, as well as ride with my friend again.   I hope Beau settles in okay.   We'll try it and see how it goes.   I always have trouble making decisions about my horses.

3.    I was at the coast this week and saw an Airedale.   My sister knows very well, my Airedale who was named Sophie was the dog love of my life.   I was delighted to see one romping on the beach.   I love my doggies, but Sophie was here at a time when I really needed her.   Although she was our family dog, she really was mine.

4.     Erik has a really really bad cold.   Poor guy.   Not much more to say about that, except I hope he feels better very soon.   And I hope I don't catch it.

5.     Dish Network has raised our bill another $5/month.   So I think I will give up HBO.   That'll show them, don't you think?    Yes, I know some of you no longer have TV or cable or satellite or anything.   We don't have high speed Internet as we're stuck with DSL, so we won't give up our TV.   I just don't like that they claim higher costs and raise the price again.   You would think, with so many people leaving Dish and cable and such, they would try to reduce their costs.   Ah well. What's a girl to do?

Have a great Friday and if I don't see you, enjoy your weekend.

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Lynne said…
I liked your "five." I had an Irish Setter that was my heart when I needed her. Great photograph of the Airedale.
Willow said…
It will be great to ride with a friend. Beau will probably adjust just fine after the first week.
Hope Eric feels better. Have a great weekend.
Tabor said…
My cable went up again and I have already dropped all the premium channels. Maybe I will just go to network and watch hulu or Netflix on the Internet.
the beach shot looks just gorgeous. we got rid of our cable about 2 yrs ago & don't miss it at all. we have rabbit ears & they pick of the news channels we love. perfect for us.

happy weekend!! ( :
TexWisGirl said…
cable is expensive. hope erik feels better soon!
LOVED your 5 and those cabinets are great, I love the clean lines and the color--I hope you get them!

As for the TV, I know just what you mean, I love HGTV and others shows like that, and don't even get me started about how I'd be without the internet! :-)!!

Enjoy your weekend!!
Sophie is a great name for a best friend! Keep the cabinet choice, get rid of his cold, and if you can come up with a plan, help me get rid of my cable bill...way too high but he Pres refuses to change!...:)JP
shirley said…
Those counters are lovely! Very fresh and light. I hear you on the horse moving thing - ours will be moved again later this year...
Love your random 5! Have a great weekend
Loved reading about Sophie. I had a Sophie... her name was Daisy :) I love the cabinets you have chosen, hope you get them this year!
This N That said…
Love the kitchen..looks good with he black..Airedales are nice dogs..We always call them "Airheads"..Not the brightest..Good luck moving your horse..
Anonymous said…
Hugs to Erik, and YES, I can vouch that Sophie was your dog, and what a hoot she was too! Love those cabinets.. I miss the maple ones we had in our Tempe home as they really lightened the kitchen and made it a happy place to be. xox
Sarah Huizenga said…
I am waiting to see how much our cable goes up this year. It seems every year the price goes up so much then I call and we negotiate a new price, why can't they just keep the price reasonable without all the extra work.
Nancy said…
We have Dish so I'll have to look at our bill and if it goes up, discuss with the hubs the need for a bajillion channels.

Hope Erik feels better soon.

And good luck with the remodel dreams/plans. Love the simple lines of the cabinets you shared.
Those cabinets are nice- I hope you get to start on your remodel soon. We got a letter from Dish saying our bill was going up 7 dollars. We already canned the premium movies..now I would like to lower the package we have. I am really loving Amazon prime and seriously thinking about switching to netflix or one of those deals.
I think all of us have a huge hole in our hearts where the relationship with a special dog used to be. If someone doesn't, I always feel sorry for them.

When our daughter was building their new house last year, we fell in love with Ikea's Lixtorp line of kitchen cabinets. Warm, arts and crafts style oak, and I really liked them, too.
beth said…
we love our TV and TV watching, so i totally understand....and we LIVE on our computers so we have to have the fastest service/modem/router combo there is....and thank god, we do.

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