Random 5 Friday

1.    Our surf is going to be very high today.   They are forecasting 19 foot waves which is pretty impressive.   I took this photo yesterday at Morro Bay, showing waves about half that.   It should be action packed at our beaches today.   Mavericks, the big surfing competition, starts today up near Half Moon Bay.   That's about 3-1/2 hours north of here.

2.    I am still loving the Lightroom presets I purchased from Trey Ratcliffe's website.   I usually start with one and then make adjustments.   

3.    I am getting ready to move Beau to my friend's place over the weekend.   This is a big change for us and I'm a little unsettled over it, simply because we've been at Cheryl's barn for 3 of the last 4 years.   Change is often a good thing, but still not always easy.

4.    HBO was showing "Silver Linings Playbook" this week.   I had wanted to see the movie so I was glad it was on.   I LOVED IT!!   Really, the best movie I've seen in so long.   No, I haven't made good on my threat to cancel HBO....not yet.

5.   Even though we are in a very serious drought, I want to plan a garden.   Not a big garden, but enough space to plant tomatoes and carrots and lettuce.   We can conserve water through shorter showers, but I want to grow a little bit of fresh produce.   

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!!

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Jeanne said…
Gorgeous shots, and i love the shot of morro Bay. That is such a wonderful spot! Enjoy watching those big waves.
TexWisGirl said…
good luck with beau's move. LOVE the top shot!
What beautiful images! I soooo envy you being so close to a beach...my favourite place to be!

Good luck with the move.
Karen said…
Beautiful coastal shots, the first one is fabulous!
Anonymous said…
Sure hope Beau will be happy in his new digs. Good luck!! xox
Nancy said…
Those waves are impressive and you captured them beautifully!

Good luck with Beau's relocation. I know you will worry about your boy.

Have a great weekend Denise! xo
Change, yes, is good but as you said can be challenging...give Beau time and yourself as well! It matters...:)JP
Lynne said…
Such wonderful pictures . . . I find your photographs some of my treats for the day.
Loved the Playbook movie too . . . happy you were able to see it.
that rock shot is freakin' awesome!! now that is a few to enjoy! i was a not a fan of that movie. but yeah for you liking it. i love HBO, but don't own it - cable either. i usually see the shows i want to see later when they are on Netflix. like when Sex and the City. love Girls too .. have a good weekend. ( :
This N That said…
Gorgeous pictures Denise..The colors in the first one are spectacular..Good luck with Beaus move..
Rose said…
I have been thinking about spring and gardening, too. Can't wait.
Sarah Huizenga said…
I want to see that movie too.
Kim said…
Wow! That first image is amazing. That rock formation is cool!
Your photos are beautiful, Denise. I hope Beau's new barn works out for all of you.
A great 5, Denise and photos too! I hope that Beau's move is an uneventful one, and he settles into his new home quickly and easily!
Daryl said…
the first shot is gorgeous i am going to never attempt a seascape ...
An interesting post with some great shots.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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