It's a pretty sounding name for a month.   It's about reds and pinks and hearts and birthdays for people I love.   And people I like too.   And it has such a pretty birthstone, Amethyst.   It brings us just a little closer to Spring and pretty colors besides shades of brown.    We aren't sure we will have green hills or wildflowers this year due to the drought, but I can enjoy all of yours.

It rained yesterday.   Rained about a half inch here on the Central Coast.   We celebrated.   When you're living in a severe drought zone and haven't felt the rain in nearly a year, let me tell you, it feels amazing.   Thank you, Mother Nature.

The chickens went all over the property looking for bugs and worms to suddenly appear in the wet ground.   I'm not sure they were rewarded but it gave them new hope.   The donkeys stood under their shelter much of the day and ate too much hay.   Donkeys don't like the rain, not one bit.   They looked a little bewildered.   

So February is here and let's hope it brings lots of good things.   

The last sunset of January.


Anonymous said…
Sending you a million buckets of rain today and then some. Totally rained and poured all night and continues today. Glad to hear you had a bit of rain too! No wildflowers? Now that's just sad.
TexWisGirl said…
beautiful skies! and i hope there is more rain on your way!
a little late sun, a little moisture, and voila...
Rebecca said…
Gorgeous photos! I remember the drought days of California and saving every bit of water and odd even watering, then driving to LA and seeing vast golf courses with the sprinklers running flat out.
Lynne said…
Bring on the rain for all of you in the west! Then we will all start dancing!!!
HI Denise Gorgeous sky shots and how did you know it was my birthday this week!!
Wish you could get some of the snow we're getting this week!...:)JP
C-ingspots said…
Very glad to hear you got some rain!! We're in our second year of drier than normal, but I'm still loving it. Can't do anything, so I'll enjoy it, because I know that in a few days to a week, we can catch up and be wetter than normal. Have you ever noticed that nothing is ever normal? It's either above normal or below normal...I hate that, why can't they just say what it is? I think your photos are just beautiful!! Love the clouds. :)
Beautiful skies! I'd send you our rain, but you are the wrong direction!! :) Ours must have skipped right over you.
Lin said…
If the earth can spout little bugs and worms with a little bit of rain, I imagine you will find some wildflowers poking up somewhere too. They are hardy--you will find them, I promise.
This N That said…
Glad you got some rain..We got 6 inches of snow with 2 more storms in the forecast later this week..promising ice..Yuk
Beautiful sunsets..

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