New Scenery

Since I moved Beau over to my friend's place, I've had a chance to walk around with my camera and look at the scenery through my lens.   They have a lovely property about 10 miles from our place.   It's been in the family for over 60 years and includes a large walnut orchard which is dry farmed and organic.   With the passing of the storm over the weekend, we had gorgeous clouds hanging around in our bright blue sky all day yesterday.

Looking the other direction

Beau was not impressed with the view.   He was bored from being in his stall all day Sunday and wanted to do something.   With the arena not quite ready for riding, I took him out and lunged him so he could get his energy burned off a little.

Have a great Tuesday!


Willow said…
Grat Views ~ even if Beau doesn't agree . lol
Beau looks like he really just wants to run!...:)JP
TexWisGirl said…
hoping he's getting settled in okay.

beautiful countryside.
This N That said…
Beau is giving you What for!! Hope he's adjusting to his new home..
Michelle said…
Beau is telling us all about it! lol
Ida said…
Some great scenery shots. Beau is hilarious.

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