Dinner Outside My Window

I put out a second hummingbird feeder about two weeks ago and now I have about two dozen hummers that are enjoying my very delicious sugar water.   They are our original Anna's hummingbirds and now the adorable Allen's hummingbirds.   When I have frustration with the new version of iMovie, or some such thing, I just step outside the door and watch the little cuties for a while.   It helps me calm down.   I'm sharing them with you.   Please ignore the motorcycle which drove by at the wrong time, and the donkey yelling for his dinner.



Tabor said…
Such a treat! Thank you! Glad you explained that was a donkey rather than a child calling for dinner!
TexWisGirl said…
adorable little chitterers! so cute!
Oh, now that's a teaser...can't wait for ours!!!!...:)JP
Michelle said…
That is so nice to see! I can't wait for our warmer weather so I can fill up the feeders!
Lynne said…
AMAZING! I can't wait . . . love the Hummers!
That was cool

Almost enough for me to expand upon my feeding stations!
OH NO FAIR!!!! I haven't even seen ONE hummer stop by my house on his way north this spring. Poor feeder is lonely. Enjoy those little jewels.
This N That said…
Way too early for hummers here..Never have that many..Lucky you..
Daryl said…
oh that video is wonderful and so is the new header photo!

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