It's Just So Nice

Spring has been early here, basically because we had no Winter.   It's been lovely outside and I've been enjoying the days of March.   

I'm riding Beau more and more, getting used to the Western tack and keeping the Dressage tack on the shelf.   It involves a new way of communicating with him that is less structured and allows us both to relax more.   I took a lesson from a new instructor last week and just a little made a big difference.   

Here at home, the peach tree has some tiny fruit starting.   The tree suffered from the Winter and I'm sure it won't produce as much as I'd like, but I'll take anything it offers.

We planted tomato plants yesterday.   Judging from the lines in the garden center at Home Depot, I suspect we weren't the only ones enjoying the Spring weather.   

Yes, we have almost 5 acres and I could have a much bigger garden.   But I'm starting smaller with these tubs before I launch into something I can't manage.   The next tub will have lettuce and a third...well, I'm still deciding.

My larger lilac bush is showing the usual glorious flowers.   Again, not as many as in past years, but they are as fragrant as ever.   I love love love my lilac bushes and would still love to have a few more when this drought is over.

We fired up the grill yesterday and put on some young asparagus drizzled with olive oil.   Oh boy, I don't think I've ever eaten so much asparagus in one day.   Don't you just love vegetables on the grill?   If it's not something you've ever tried, do it this year.   

I hope Spring is arriving in your area, or is showing signs of coming soon.   Thanks for stopping by today!


Anonymous said…
That tub/trough looks as though the tomatoes are going to love living there this year!
I love cooking veggies on the grill- broccoli, squash, peppers...YUM! Spring is here finally..and I am sure enjoying it! Have a great week Denise.
TexWisGirl said…
love those lilacs!
Glad you didn't have winter...could you send me your lilac?...:)JP
Lynne said…
Oh my . . . I'm dreaming of some grilled asparagus! Michigan's first spring veggie . . . my favorite.
Thanks for the dream . . .
This N That said…
I'm glad it's spring somewhere..Good that you're back in the saddle..
Cloudia said…
your joy shines in this post!

ALOHA from Honolulu

=^..^= <3
Nancy said…
Shane burned off our asparagus patch last weekend, so it's all ready for the new batch to arrive. I can't wait!
Rebecca said…
I'm glad my peach tree didn't develop buds, yet, because I forgot to spray for peach leaf curl until YESTERDAY. Here's hoping I got it in time.

Not sure WHAST to do about the apple blight. I'm going to try vinegar and then rip the suckers out...the ripping out part was advice I got from a landscape company I called for help!
Daryl said…
you had no winter because we had it along with everyone else's!
Michelle said…
Nice to see those tomato plants! I cannot wait to get some myself.
Snooks said…
Sounds like a wonderful day. The grilled veggies sound yummy. There truly is no better way to have veggies, unless maybe in the raw.

@3Beeze Homestead

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