Throwback Thursday

Over the weekend we did a clearing out in the garage of some items in the house.   We sent them to a local public auction which takes place on Saturday.   They sell everything....i.e., nothing comes back to re-clutter the garage!!   And so, with some large awkward items gone from the garage, I was able to dig around on some hidden shelves.  On a bottom shelf, tucked away, I found some old photo albums.   How I cringe when I find photos stored away in a hot garage, but there they were.   And since we're in the midst of a heat wave, what better time to go through them and remember special times?   

I've probably mentioned at one time that my best friend when I was in my 30's grew up in Montana on a cattle ranch.   I went home with her a few times and once helped drive the cattle up into the mountains.   Oh my gosh.   Montana is so beautiful, you really should see it.  

I also found photos from when I lived in Arizona.   This cat was named Ricky, aka Ricky Kitty.   He belonged to my sister and my niece, but she wasn't able to keep him when she moved to a new place. So he came to live with me.   Don't you think he looks like the original Grumpy Cat?   I remember that he left home once and after looking all over the neighborhood, I gave up on him.   Two weeks later he was standing on my patio.  

Someone asked how my Beau is doing.   Thanks for asking.   He is now 5 weeks post surgery and is doing great.   The antibiotics are keeping the infection at bay, he is eating very well, and he feels great.   I'm hopeful they will remove the hardware from his jaw in another week or so, then he can continue to heal on his own.   The horse I brought home to try as a lease horse did not work out.   But I have another one, one of my foals from 2003.   She is a pretty mare, very sweet, and I'm hopeful she will work out while Beau continues to heal.

That's all for today.   It's heading toward 105 this afternoon so I must get to the barn early, finish up errands, and hunker down with the air conditioning.   Enjoy your Thursday!!


Anonymous said…
Great post. Everyone wondered what you had been up to. xox
Comfypjs said…
Thank you for posting about Beau's recovery. I can now stop worrying about him. :D I don't like it when animals suffer.
My family has had some great times going through boxes of old photos at family gatherings. Lots of memories and laughs.
TexWisGirl said…
glad beau is doing well.
Tabor said…
Your heat is now heading our way and I am not excited about that!! We have had one 90 degree day but all the rest have been lovely in the low 70s with breezes. The breeze is not good for the photography but good to the health.
seeing Montana is on my bucket list
I'm glad Beau is healing up nicely. Sorry about the heat..we started at at 38 this morning and a power outage...I'm at a total loss what tomorrow will bring. LOL!
Hi Denise! You are so right about Montana. We've driven through it twice and I've loved it each time because it's so beautiful.

I've enjoyed this post and am glad that Beau is doing well and on the mend!
Michelle said…
Glad to hear Beau is doing well!
Lynne said…
True it is . . . grumpy looking cat . . . great personality though I bet.

Great post . . . loved the photos!
Daryl said…
so good to hear he is improving and how fun to find the old photos
Good news on the recovery process and the new mare!!!...:)JP

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