A Respite

We have had a fabulous week of relatively cool temperatures for the month of July.   Early morning fog and clouds, breezes and blue skies have provided a summer respite.   100+ temps are coming tomorrow so I have been outside this week as much as possible, knowing that I'll be hunkered down again very soon.

I drove to the coast twice.   It was terrific to take my camera out for a little stroll.

For those of you who sometimes wonder about Beau, he is doing very very well.   He graduated this week to spending all day outside in a sand paddock.   The vet took off the big Ultimate shoes that were protecting his feet after the founder.    By tomorrow I will be hand walking him around barefoot in the sand arena to strengthen his feet.   His jaw is healed and he feels great.   

I've been considering a wide angle lens again.   Reading reviews online is always a mixed bag, isn't it?   I may rent a lens from Borrow Lenses and see for myself.   I've considered a mirror less camera but I just don't know what to think about it.   And again, making a choice as to which one is a bit daunting.    Pros and cons....I have enough to think about as we're working on a kitchen design.   What????   More on that later....

Have a great weekend!


shirley said…
Such lovely photos - yes, enjoy the time outside while you can.
I don't have a wide angle lens, so I can't give any advice, but renting one is a good avenue to pursue.
I do have a mirrorless camera and I really do not use it. I prefer the control I get with my DSLR. And while it is smaller than my DSLR, if I want to go small, I find my iPhone is perfectly capable. I think if I lived in a city where I could do street photography, the mirrorless would be used - it's unobtrusive.
Just my thoughts! Looking forward to hearing about the kitchen design!
Michelle said…
I need to check out Borrow Lenses. Love that last shot.
Awesome shots- especially that last one.
lovely shots

I particularly liked the hills and sky in the 3rd one. :)
Tabor said…
I have a Canon wild angle and do love it. Your sand textures are great.
Anonymous said…
I too have wondered about a mirrorless camera and the only negative that seems to keep cropping up is the battery time. Seems it eats up the battery charge in no time and you need to have additional battery/batteries with you at all times. What are you reading about it?
Lynne said…
I love your photos . . .
no expert on lens, mirror or not . . . from me.
This N That said…
Beautiful pictures as always. Looks like you're having wonderful weather. I like it when you and your camera go out for a stroll. Enjoy your weekend.u
I'm glad you're having wonderful weather--Your photos really do show that, they're lovely! I'm thinking of a new lens too, and am considering a wide angle, it's tough to decide, and like you, because of the cost, I hope when I decide on one, I am happy with my "investment." --I didn't know about "borrow lens" and will have to check that out too.

I hope you're still enjoying your weekend! :-)
I'm back--I just checked out Borrow Lenses, and they have a pick up location not far from where I work...I think I'm going to give it a try--THANKS again!
Daryl said…
so lovely … i walked along the river on Sunday and even tho it was overcast and humid there was a nice breeze and i actually got a bit of a sunburn on my shoulders .. i enjoyed your day at the shore very much

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